Reminder early bird booking Meet & Greet Dundee

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From the information recently received from our organizer Graduate Women Scotland, we’re so glad to hear that many of you will join us in Dundee. Just a quick reminder  that the early bird rate for the Apex Spa hotel is only guaranteed till this Friday (22nd March).  If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, please take that into account.


We’re very delighted to announce you that Prof. Niamh Nic Daeid is confirmed as key speaker on Saturday morning. Prof Daeid, Director of the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science (LRCFS) at Dundee,  recently won a European distinguished scientist award, is the first woman to be presented with the honour, and also the first person from a UK academic institution. The award is highly prestigious and is only given once every three years to ‘honour an individual who has performed outstanding scientific work in forensic science, it will be great to have her with us.

Glamis Castle

For those of you who still hesitate to go on visit, the Glamis Castle is a living,breathing monument to Scottish heritage, the family home of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, the legendary setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the childhood home of HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and the birthplace of Princess Margaret. The gardens surrounding Glamis Castle are beautiful all year round and you have the opportunity to see a wide variety of flora & fauna.


Please see here the programme, costs and booking details: Invite booking form

Registration by email to :
Registration and payment deadline: 30th April 2019

Looking forward to meet you in Dundee!

For the board,

many regards,

Roxana Elena Petrescu
Secretary General



CSW 63: 14th International Helvi Sipilä Seminar MY BODY IS MINE – How Free Contraception is Linked to Empowerment and Education

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The seminar will be organised on Thursday, 14 March 2019 at 10.00 – 11.15 am at the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations (Address: 605 Third Avenue, 35 Floor). Breakfast will be served to all participants.

We kindly request your registration before 8 March 2019.

Organisers: Finnish Federation of Graduate Women, National Council of Women of Finland, Finland National Committee for UN Women, NYTKIS – The Coalition of Finnish Women´s Associations, Young Women’s Christian Association of Finland.

The registration information is used only for event communication. The information provided will not be published or given to third parties. The information will be retained for two (2) weeks after the event.


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Women represent 52% of the European population 
Women are cashiers, teachers, maintenance officers, secretaries, nurses, home helpers, nursery assistants, social workers, administrative staff, midwives, hostesses, students… Our business lines 
are essential to society. Yet they are poorly paid and their hardship is not recognized.
Women are engineers, technicians, workers, employees or managers. We do the same work as men but with a lower salary.
We are part-time with a part-time salary often because we have no other choice
Between shopping, cleaning and children, we do an average of 20 hours of household chores per week
Our work is invisible and devalued. Our salary is 26% lower than that of men. Therefore, from 15:40 we work for free. Every day.   
We are retired and our pension is 40% lower than that of men.
We have been fighting for a long time against the precariousness brought to the forefront with force by the yellow vests.
We are foreigners, victims of racism, disabled, lesbians, and we suffer from multiple discrimination.
We are women at work, on the street or at home, we face gender and sexual violence
We are French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Cypriot, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian, English, Irish, Belgian, Croatian, Serbian, German, Romanian, Moldovan, Czech, Azeri, Armenian, Turkish, Swiss, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, Estonian, and Brazilian, Iranian, Argentinean,  Indian, American, Canadian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Ivorian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.  and we are everywhere in the world in solidarity with all women .
To say that women demand equal rights , our work to be recognized and paid for. To end  violence and guarantee our freedom of choice. To win equality and make our voices heard 
These are demands we need to make  to our employers and the government.
We together with other associations call for a feminist strike on March 8, actions of rallies, demonstrations. Let’s disengage at 3:40, Paris hour. Let’s all wear a purple scarf!


We are waiting of the result on the collective complaints against the 15 countries which accept them, for a violation of the European Social Charter on non respect of equal pay for equal job launched by UWE at Strasbourg. European Confederation of Trade Union, EQUINET and European Union are part of the procedure and support it.

News from British Federation of Women Graduates

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UWE Rome Conference, 2018 /

Proud of our Association of the Year 2018, post – the last UWE Conference on ‘ Women in STEM professions‘ in Rome which many of us attended, was included on the list of “The Best STEM Organizations For Girls & Women (& How To Donate)”. Girls Who STEM (GWS) is  a free resource for parents, providing everything from in-depth product reviews to expert STEM for girls advice, 40 institutions nominated, BFWG is no. 39 on the list.

You can see the full list here:

Congratulations  for this well – earned recognition which is testimony to the hard work and dedication!

Vice President Carrie de Silva, representing the Federation, was invited on 20 February to lead an inspiring broadcast about the development of the fight for women’s equality, the current career progression issues,  beyond the ‘ glass ceiling’, the strength of networking and the importance of the inspiring new film On The Basis Of Sex. The film’s content will encompass Women ‘ Firsts’ in the Law in the UK , through to the first Q. C. (Queen’s Counsel ), first Judges , Attorney- General , first in the Supreme Court to the majority female Supreme Court. 



Women in digital

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European Commission has launched an annual scoreboard to monitor women’s participation in the digital economy, on the occasion of the birthday of Ada Lovelace, considered as the world’s first computer programmer. The Women in Digital scoreboard  is one of the actions to assess women’s inclusion in digital jobs, careers and entrepreneurship initiated by Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner in charge for Digital Economy and Society. The Scoreboard assesses EU countries’ performance in the areas of internet use and internet user skills, as well as specialist skills and employment, based on 13 indicators.


The first edition of the Scoreboard shows that women’s participation in the digital field still lags behind in several areas. Only 1 in 6 ICT (Information and Communication Technology) specialists and only 1 in 3 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) graduate is a woman. Astonishingly women in the ICT sector earn almost 20% less than men.

Women account for 52% of the European population but only around 17% of women work in ICT- related jobs.  We must fully unlock women’s potential in bringing a boost to the digital economy. Governments, companies, educators and civil society need to take decisive actions to change this trend. All together, we can promote women’s talents and make sure we encourage them to STEM study fields early on. Today, we have an extraordinary tool, the Women in Digital European Scoreboard that shows where exactly countries must improve women’s situation. It is time to deliver for young girls, women, all our citizens and businesses. Our Digital Europe will be inclusive, competitive & dynamic with their valuable contribution.” – Commissioner Gabriel.

The new Scoreboard also shows that Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg and Denmark registered the highest scores on the Women in Digital scoreboard while Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Italy registered the lowest. Moreover, there is strong correlation between the scoreboard and the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). In general, Member States leading in digital competitiveness are also leaders in female participation in the digital sector. Read how your country is faring in terms of women’s participation in the digital economy

Among the main results, the scoreboard shows that:

  • There is a gender gap in all 13 indicators at EU level, with some exceptions at country level: in Finland, Estonia and Bulgaria women are more active internet users than men; in Latvia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Cyprus women score more highly on digital skills than men.
  • The gender gap is the largest in the area of ICT specialist skills and employment: 76 % for ICT specialists and 47 % for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics graduates.
  • The difference in digital participation between women and men within the younger age group (16 to 24) is smaller in relative terms (55% of women compared to 60% of men). In certain countries, the trend is even starting to reverse, with women outperforming men in this category.

Another international study ‘The Tech Divide” will be presented on 19th February in Berlin at the The Digitising Europe Summit organised by Vodafone Institute. More about this event on our official website or visit the official conference website.




Programme Meet and Greet Dundee

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We’re really excited about May’s meet and greet in Dundee,  hosted by Graduate Women Scotland on May 17/18, 2019 at the University of Dundee Department of Equality and Diversity.

Over the two days starting from 1.30 pm on Friday 17 May,  we’ll share the stories of inspirational women present and past and find out why the city of Dundee was known as Women’s Town. Now the Scottish city of Design and Discovery and with a famous tradition of  three Js – Jute, Jam and Journalism., home of the publishers DC Thompson, Dundee is a city full of stories.

Delegates will be welcomed at a Civic Reception in the City Chambers on Friday evening  and  have the opportunity to explore Dundee’s industrial and cultural heritage during the event. Saturday you are invited to take part in the Pechakucha – a specific style of presentation that originated in Japan and  enjoy dinner and Ceilidh – traditional Scottisch music during the evening.

On Sunday, there will be organized optional visits to Glamis Castle, 1000 years of history and now a baronial Castle outside Dundee or guided visit to St Andrews, historic University City across the river Tay in Fife, travel by local bus with free guided tour of the city and time to browse the shops in this popular tourist destination.

Please see here programme, costs and booking details: Invite booking form

Please fill in your booking form and return it by email to :

Call for three interns to join EWL team in Brussels!

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Join the European Women’s Lobby team in Brussels, during the 6 month period March 2019 – August 2019!

European Women’s Lobby is recruiting three paid interns for full time positions focusing on the following particular working areas :

Support to European Political Campaigning

Supporting work on our European Parliament 2019 election campaign and a special focus on combating commercial sexual exploitation, tasks include:

  • Assist and support the EWL’s working groups;
  • Assist and support EWL member-led 50/50 campaign in light of the 2019 European elections;
  • Assist and support the development of major international events, including political advocacy strategy development;
  • Assist and support the EWL’s working groups on ‘Women in Politics’ and ‘SRHR and Sexual Exploitation’;
  • Assist and support in membership engagement in activities;
  • Assistance to the roll out of campaign and lobbying activities.

Gender Budgeting

Assist and support the implementation of the EWL’s Gender Budgeting project, tasks include:

  • Project planning: some experience of Project Cycle Management or equivalent is welcome;
  • Organise a capacity building workshop in the first quarter of 2019 and, building on outcomes, prepare a follow-up workshop to take place in the latter part of 2019;
  • Assist and support the Expert Group;
  • Liaise with EWL team members working directly on the project (research, communications) and indirectly (programme unit, finance/budgets, membership);
  • Assist with the development of information materials and communication tools on the project for internal (EWL members, EWL feminist economics working group, funders) and external stakeholders;
  • Assist in liaising with and reporting to funders.

Membership and Communications


  • Support the Membership and Governance Coordinator with organising the annual European Women’s Forum with EWL Members and the young feminist summer camp;
  • Work with colleagues to improve engagement with EWL Members through internal communications (newsletters, etc) and information management (update database, etc);
  • Assist and support the management of website and social media content (with input of EWL staff and members);
  • Work with the Communications and Media Officer to develop communication actions, supporting EWL advocacy and fundraising objectives;
  • Prepare information and publicity materials (invitations, posters, logos, flyers, gadgets, videos, banners, postcards) for various audiences.

Please read this call for applications before you apply. All information on how to apply, tasks, necessary skills and conditions is here.

Interested candidates are requested to submit  by e-mail to mentioning in the subject line ‘Application for EWL internship 2019 / YOUR NAME’:

  • A CV in Word or PDF (name your file as follow ’Last name-CV’)
  • Filled-in application form in Word or PDF (name your file as follow ’Last name-application form-title of preferred internship’)

Closing date for applications is 16 January at 23:59 CET.