Online Meet and Greet Programme

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We are pleased to invite you to our first online UWE Meet and Greet “Celebrating European Women” hosted by the Irish Federation of University Women (IrFUW) on Saturday 15th May 2021, 10:30 am -1.00 pm* (BST)/( +1 CEST)

10.30am – 10.40am WELCOME / FÁILTE Frances Patton, President IrFUW

Dr. Anne Nègre UWE / NFA Greetings

10.40am – 11.15am Dr. Angela Vaupel, Women in European Film

Introduced by Leighanne Montgomery, QWG Belfast, CER

Followed by Questions and Discussion

11.15am – 11.50am Dr. Síghle Bhreathnach-Lynch, The Oratory, Dun Laoghaire

Introduced by Dr. Máire O’Connell, Vice- President IrFUW.

Followed by Questions and Discussions

11.50am – 12.05pm Veronica Campbell, TWG Dublin and Felix Campbell.

A Taste of Ireland: Irish Brown Soda Bread and Irish Coffee.

Introduced by Martina Mulrine TWG Dublin

12.05pm – 12.30pm Lunchtime Entertainment

A Medley of Irish Songs sung by Colette Grant UCD WGA

Some Irish Tunes played on the flute by Sophie O’Neill RIAM

Introduced by Margaret Watchorn, former President UCD WGA

12.30pm Finland UWE AGM update and invited UWE Young Members Reports

1.00 pm Zoom Meeting concludes.

Registration Details
This is a free event. To attend please register here via Eventbrite . Following registration, you will receive the Zoom link to the event within the Confirmation email. You will also receive an event reminder with the zoom link 24 hours before the event.

‘Meet and Greet’ Speakers.

Dr Angela Vaupel is a Senior Lecturer in International Studies in St. Mary’s University, Belfast.

Her main areas of expertise include the teaching of European Culture, Literary History and film as well as the study of conflict and minority experiences in Europe. Her research interests are interdisciplinary and focus on multilingualism, the promotion of transcultural competencies and the representation of minorities in European film.

Dr. Shíghle Bhreathnach-Lynch is an Irish Art Historian. She is a Lecturer, writer and former Curator of Irish Art at the National Gallery of Art, Merrion Square, Dublin. She originally studied languages at UCD and returned to study Art History as a mature student. She completed a PhD and became a Lecturer in UCD as well as a regular guide and speaker at NGI. In 1998 she was appointed as the first Curator dedicated exclusively to the Irish Collection in the Gallery. Dr. Bhreathnach-Lynch has written extensively on Irish Art. Among her writings are:

  • ‘50 Works of Irish Art you need to know’ (2015).
  • ‘Art, Nation and Gender: ethnic landscapes, myths and mother-figures’ (2018).
  • Landscape, Space and Gender: Their Role in the Construction of the Female Identity in Newly – Independent Ireland (1997).

Click here to see the recipes for Lunchtime open sandwich suggestions, Multi-seed Brown Soda Bread, Irish Coffee – Please prepare in advance if you wish to join in! .

Relax and enjoy.


Save the Date: online Meet and Greet 15th May 2021

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We are pleased to invite you to our first online UWE Meet and Greet “Celebrating European Women” hosted by the Irish Federation of University Women (IrFUW) on Saturday 15th May 2021, 10:30 am -1.00 pm*(BST/+1CEST).

We may not travel to Ireland which is why we are bringing Ireland to you. After we will will be introduced to Women in European Film, we will take a virtual tour to the Oratory of the Sacred Heart, Dun Laoghaire, a taste of Ireland will be told through the Irish coffee, Irish Brown Soda Bread and a medley of Irish songs. There will be enough time left for questions and discussion between us.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Speakers and a detailed programme will be announced very soon, including information about the registration.

We hope that a large number of you will be able to join us on zoom. The Event is open to all members of the University Women of Europe and their friends.

Online Survey Gender Scan 2021

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Katalin Kariko, Laurence Devillers,
Esperanza Martinez Romero, Ritu Karidhal,
Catherine Ngila.

Have you heard of them: Katalin Kariko, Laurence Devillers, Esperanza Martinez Romero, Ritu Kharidal, or Catherine Ngila ? No ? And yet these women from 5 continents have initiated some of todays’ key innovations. Katalyn Kariko has invented the ARN technology now used in COVID-19 vaccines. Laurence Devillers is a pioneer of Ethical IA, a major issue to protect civil rights, freedom and democracy on our digital age. Esperanza Martinez Romeo had developed bacteria that improve agriculture productivity while preserving the environment. Thanks to Ritu Kharidal India is the 4th country in the world to have reached Mars. And Catherine Ngila leverages the power of nanotechnologies to detect pollution in water, and enable a sustainable management of water resources.

In fact the list of unknown women is incredibly long. Nonetheless there are are! In front lines! Each of her contributes to a fight that is vital today to all of us!

Yet the obstacles women face to make it in STEM are countless. As soon as they enter schools, they have to face stereotypes according to which girls are not as good as boys in math, a nonsense as now clearly demonstrated by scientific research! As a result less women enter scientific and technical studies, where they only represent 34% of all STEM graduates in the world. This situation worsens on the job market in part due to sexism, where the proportion of women drops to 28% among scientists and engineers. For the past 5 years, in partnership with an increasing number of organizations Gender Scan highlights issues, as well as first accomplishments on this topic ! (Gender Scan, reference survey on women in STEM disciplines, see Women in STEM disciplines, Springer, 2017. Following implementation of gender balanced policies 20% improvement of women satisfaction on work organization and career management in tech groups, Gender Scan 2019)

It is now more urgent than ever to leverage the competences and skills of half of the world population which are needed to address the increasingly difficult challenges we face collectively.

Gender Scan  with a collective of hundreds of organizations around the world and ECLS in France to suggest the implementation of a simple action: publication by each country of an official rankings of STEM tertiary studies by proportion of graduated women. To count and to measure is essential, scientific know that. Public and private decision makers know that too. Implementing this action would enable to measure the ability of STEM studies to attract educate and retain women now needed by public research and the private sector. It would accelerate the implementation of actions to address this issue.

As partner of Gender Scan, University Women of Europe offers each individual to make the difference by simply taking a few minutes to complete online survey Gender Scan 2021. Constructed and developed with experts, researchers, and associations from all countries the online survey provides teenagers, students, entrepreneurs, independents and employees with a chance to get heard. The goal ? Enable the emergence of new Katalin Kariko, at long last recognized and well-known for who they are : human beings who change the world, and strengthen our chances to invent a Post Covid economic recovery. Successful because gender balanced !

Call for Candidates UWE Board

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The UWE Board is pleased to invite applications from candidates interested in the position of Vice President of the UWE.

Starting September 10, 2021, the Board has two vacancies for Vice President.

The ideal UWE-Vice President should have collected some experience in working within her national federation/association (NFA) or a similar organization. She is familiar with the European Situation on Gender equality and is interested in the lobby for equal opportunities in all aspects of society for women and men.

She enjoys travelling and is keen to work in a European team. Preferably she does not have an official function within her own NFA to avoid conflict of interest.

Applications by the NFA in a letter of recommendation should be accompanied by a CV, photograph and a motivational letter stating the candidate will accept the Vice Presidency should the AGM elect the candidate.

The candidate is also required to present herself during 5 minutes at the UWE AGM &Conference in Helsinki, FINLAND 10-12 September 2021.

Applications should be made to  to arrive ten days before the AGM, i.e., by 1st of September 2021 at the latest.

The board meet twice a year, at the AGM and mid-term. We convene via zoom and work together via the internet. We are looking for Vice Presidents interested in seeking contacts with other international NFA’s to work on proposals and actions. We have no office and no secretariat except for the Secretary General responsible mostly for PR.


  • Fluent in English (both written and orally) and preferably French
  • digitally able: e.g., Skype, Zoom; WordPress, Facebook, etc.

–  Collective governance adept

–  Knowledge of the EU and Council of Europe


The duties of the UWE vice-president will be divided in the board and can be:

  • Preparing projects
  • Networking
  • Representing the UWE
  • Supporting the president by visiting other NFA’s time to time for special celebrations etc.
  • Contributing to the UWE strategic and working plan
  • Writing the annual report
  • Sending news and articles for the website

Note: The UWE gives a small remuneration which covers the travel costs in part. In practice a Vice President of UWE spends approximately 1500 Euro per year additionally.

GWI and all her members urge the Government of the Republic of Turkey to reconsider its withdrawal.

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With regret and intolerance GWI notes Turkey’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Combatting Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (the “Istanbul Convention”).

GWI reiterates the concerns expressed by the United Nations in Turkey, UN Women and numerous civil society organisations. GWI’s international network of graduate women, jointly express concern for all Turkish women, and stand in special solidarity with our Turkish sisters of Türk Universiteli Kadinlar Dernegi, (Turkish Association of University Women).

This action comes at a time when concerted international action and commitment to end violence against women and girls is critical as violence against women and girls, especially in the home, has increased considerably due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the Commission on the Status of Women 65, currently meeting virtually, many (women) organisations are reporting on the increased violence against women and girls and are urging states and institutions to take bolder and game-changing actions
that continue to move civil society forward, to ensure that women and girls live free from violence, in line with the principle of gender equality and the commitment to “leave no one behind” of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

GWI and all her members urge the Government of the Republic of Turkey to reconsider its withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, which builds on the standards enshrined in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women as well as its general recommendations. We urge the continued protection of human right of all women and girls to live free from violence.

Here you can read the full Statement by Graduate Women International (GWI) on Turkey’s withdrawal
from the Istanbul Convention

Psychological assistance provided to members of Swiss NFA – Geneva section

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The current health situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, with its share of consequences (bereavement, confinement, concerns, isolation, loss of employment, uncertainty, teleworking, job insecurity, financial insecurity) has largely favored the emergence of vulnerability factors within the entire population. The presence of these factors of personal and interpersonal vulnerabilities offers a favorable ground for the accentuation and / or the occurrence of psychological and psychological difficulties. We observed that women were particularly affected and made vulnerable. In view of this worrying observation for mental health, social, family, professional and academic balance, we have a thought for all women, all mothers, all girls, who are confronted on a daily basis with their own psychological difficulties, to those of the couple, to the difficulties related to the education of the children, to the difficulties that students and girls go through during their studies, etc.

The Geneva section (AGFDU) of the Swiss NFA and the CLAFG  (Connection Center of Geneva Feminine Associations) who collaborate together for well-being, integration, academic and professional success,  development of women and girls, has found appropriate to provide their support in the accompaniment of women and girls who are going through psychological difficulties. This is why we provide a framework for listening, support and psychological guidance. Starting on the occasion of March 8, celebrating International Women’s Rights Day, a psychological assistance will be offered to provide women and students a psychological support. This psychological assistance will take place on the CLAFG location, by an experienced psychologist in supporting women, member of the Geneva section (AGFDU).

A nice action showing how women associations can collaborate together for a common goal. Thanks Monica Chirita – Leménager, AGFDU President for sharing with us, maybe it will inspire our members and other women associations.

Statement by UN Women on Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention

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Inadmissible regression on Women’s Rights in Europe by leaving the most protecting Treaty of the Council of Europe, the Istanbul Convention, 2011, action against violence against Women and domestic violences. The Recommendation in support of the Istanbul Convention has been adopted by the Conference of INGOs on the October 15, 2020.

Why Women can’t be safe in their houses ? Why be hurt is a normal way of relation between spouses ? Why Turkey supports that a woman can be beaten or even killed by her intimate partner?
Why it is not a major preoccupation of a Member State of the Council of Europe?
We,  women of Europe are deeply united with our sisters and friends of Turkey and ask the Member State of the Council of Europe to change is decision so cruel for the future of women in Turkey
. ” Anne Bergheim-Negre, UWE President.

UN Women reiterates the concerns expressed by the United Nations in Turkey and other partners regarding Turkey’s announced termination of being a party to the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (the “Istanbul Convention”).

This action comes at a point when concerted international action and commitment to end violence against women and girls is more important than ever and as UN Women is seeking to mobilize even greater multi-stakeholder and cross generational action on this issue, with the women’s movement being key in these efforts.

We urge Turkey to reconsider its withdrawal.

UN Women has highlighted the increase in reported violence against women and girls during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of measures such as lockdowns and disruptions to vital support services, which comes on top of the already-existing extreme levels of violence reaffirmed in the latest report by WHO. The pandemic revealed the gaps in our systems to respond to such violence and the acute need to respond firmly and with unity. The solidarity of nations that comes with being part of international conventions is critical for a world that is free of the “shadow pandemic” of violence against women.

We reaffirm our support to the Secretary-General’s leadership on prevention and redress of violence against women and girls. We recall the Inter-agency statement on violence against women and girls in the context of COVID-19 that highlighted six critical areas for coordinated action and called for the global community to remain steadfast in its efforts to ensure a positive trajectory and avoid regression of hard-earned gains. The ratification and implementation of the Istanbul Convention by States is a crucial commitment in this direction.

We join those urging the Government of the Republic of Turkey to continue protecting and promoting the safety and rights of all women and girls, including by remaining committed to the full implementation of the Istanbul Convention, which builds on the standards enshrined in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women as well as its general recommendations and case law.

At this moment, as Member States meet in the 65th session of the Commission on the Status of Women to advance the norms and standards that advance women’s rights, we need bolder and game-changing actions that continue to move us forward, in order to ensure that women and girls live free from violence, in line with the principle of gender equality and the commitment to “leave no one behind” of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Celebrating International Women’s Day

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For over a century, International Women’s Day, held on 8 March each year, has marked a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world.

Inspired by Workflowmax blog post, we share few excellent ways that you, your team and your community can celebrate International Women’s Day this year and do your part to advocate for gender equality.

Donate to charity

If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in a worthy cause this March, consider donating to a charitable organisation supporting women – either locally or globally.

On 9 March 2021, Community Empowerment Support Organisation (CESO), a British education charity started up by British Federation of Women Graduates (BFWG) member Rita Edmond, will hold an online fundraising event to celebrate women’s day and the empowerment of girls in rural Sierra Leone. The fund raised through the event will be directed toward the completion and the furnishing of the Ivor Leigh Memorial School Nursery and Vocational Centre for young women in Kaningo, a city on the outskirt of Freetown, Sierra Leone. On this occasion, BFWG President Patrice Wellesley-Cole, will speak on the importance of female education in disadvantaged communities. Click HERE to learn more about the event on zoom and register.


Host or attend an online panel

Hearing women share their experiences, knowledge, and advice is one of the best ways to get inspired to make change. This year, as most of the world is gathering online instead of in-person, there are tons of great virtual events planned for International Women’s Day.

As you’re planning your celebrations, research some interesting events in your industry or community and encourage your friends, family, or team to register with you. Here’s a list of a few events to get you started:



  • She-EO’s Virtual 2021 Summit/ March 8-9th: Hear from cutting-edge thinkers, innovators, and women working on the ‘World’s To-Do List’ on what’s next for the economy, education, food security, housing and more. [Free]
  • Women in Tech’s Tech(Know) Day /March 8: This online conference will showcase women in tech (cis, trans, non-binary) and their craft, as well as career, personal development, business and strategy insight. [Free]

Acknowledge the awesome women in your life

Sometimes, simple words of encouragement and love can go a long way in lifting someone up and inspiring them to keep going. Whether it’s your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, girlfriend, or friend – send a text, call an important woman in your life to let them know how awesome they are.

Happy International Day

Mothers, Daughters, Visionaries, Queens, Rulers, Women!

Join the GWI Young Members Network in celebrating International Women’s Day

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On 8 March 2021, Graduate Women International (GWI) will join the international community in celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD), a day for world citizens to shine a spotlight on gender equity issues.
This years’ theme “Women in leadership: achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world” marks the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
To celebrate women and the limitless potential of young women, the GWI Young Member Network (YMN) will kick off a webinar series, “Connecting Across Generations” on 6 March 2021, 4-5pm CET.The purpose of these webinars is for GWI multigenerational members to get to know each other better and to learn from each other’s life experiences and knowledge.
“Join us on the first event with the celebrations of International Women’s Day. Let’s unite to have a great ‘Intergenerational Connection’ and start celebrating the achievements of our Global GWI Network”, said Sudha Srivastava, GWI YMN President.
Our UWE GWI members are invited to register HERE by 5 March.

Invitation to Meet’n’Greet/Joint meeting with CFUW Canada GWI (club)

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NFA Meet N Greet

with University Women of Europe

Join Us:

  • Saturday February 13, 2021
  • 17:30 (5:30 pm) Central European Time (CET)
  • Zoom Web Conferencing
  • Click Here to Register by Friday February 12, 2021, 17:30 (5:30 pm) CET


Meet: The Board and members of the Canadian Federation University Women GWI (club)

Learn: About the structure; purpose and goals of UWE – GWI’s Europe Regional Group

Share: CFUW Canada GWI’s club structure, purposes, activities and enthusiasm