Equality in Europe

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Recently  a few Europe wide reports were published: violence against women, the gender gap report etcetera. They are also published on this site. The reports are clear, too many women suffer from violence and too many women get paid less than men. It is may be hard to believe when you yourself are not in such a position but it is important and worthwhile to join forces and show that women will not put up with violence and strive for better positions in society.

Still a lot has been done also on a European level and in these document you will find an overview of the European  efforts for Equality since 1957. Europe and equality 2012 Next week almost forty women from all over Europe will gather in Amsterdam to be introduced to the work of the European women’s Lobby and the Council of Europe in which the UWE has participative status. I am looking forward to great debates and meeting lovely and interesting women. Purpose of the discussions is to set new goals and priorities for UWE to be presented and reviewed at the AGM in Bucharest 4- 7 September 2014.  More news will follow shortly.

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