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The prepatory board for the AGM and Bucharest Conference on Friday 11 July 2014 was in Brussels in the the home of Vice President Marie José Jonczy. Thanks Marie José for your wonderful hospitality. All Board members were present. The financial statements will be adapted and posted as soon as possible. The due proposal related to the budget will be added to the material on the AGM Agenda.

  • International Conference of INGO’s at the Council of Europe. June Meeting.
    There were elections of the new chairs and Vice chairs of three committees Democracy, Social cohesion and global challenges Committee HR committee and Culture and education Committee more details more details on look under INGO.
    Vera was thanked as a Vice president of the Committee of Social Cohesion and Democracy. This time there was a visit from some Ukrainian NGO’s. The General Secretary of INGO was re- elected details on the INGO website.
    Resolution: Fight rape as a weapon of war was accepted started which was revised by UWE(Vera) at the Meet and Greet meeting in Amsterdam. It is also a main subject of the UN. The resolution was initiative of Anje Wiersinga a Jans Gremmée award winner of UWE. Working group Living together and its praticial application of the tool was presented. See website. The next meeting will be in January 2015 in Strassbourg. New working groups will be set up as a result of the change of chairs will be posted later on the INGO website. The first session of the INGO standing committee was at the end of the meeting in June :
    UWE will have to decide in which committee and or working group UWE will participate.
    In a debate of experts and administrative representatives of COE was concluded that gender aspects and the role of women has to be included in all issues of climat change.  The rights of the child was another focus of the discussions.


  • EWL
    The annual General meeting of the EWL will be in October. There is a new secretary General in the EWL and possibly a new president. UWE as a European wide association needs to be elected to become a member at the board. UWE has been in the board for twelve years. So possibly other members of EWL of the general assembly will be elected this time. The EWL board is composed of all member states and some European associations and from the board the executive committee is elected. MJ will keep us informed when in September the definite agenda is clear. Topics are: Eliminate Violence against Women, Prostitution and maternity leave and finally of course the place of women in enterprises as members of boards (see website
    The EWL continues to work with the Commission and the Parliament and with the new president Juncker and in this was decided that very member state has to present two candidates for the commission a  woman and a man. Hopefully this way many women will be chosen.  Juncker made it clear that he is looking for a parity Commission (between 28 commissioners) . On EVAW Marie JOse will present the state of play at the Bucharest Conference and what we ask the NFA’s to do in the future to implement correctly the convention as part of the four themes of the draft UWE Action plan.


  • Financial report

Almost all NFA’s paid their dues. Finland remains hesitant. The board decides to extend the maximum term for payment to ultimately 31 August. It is stated in the constitution that any NFA who doesn’t pay 4 months ahead doesn’t have the right to vote. How to treat the NFA’s that haven’t paid? The board decides to enlarge the time limit exceptionally that any NFA who pays ultimately 31 of August will keep its right to vote.  The NFAs who pay after the 31 of August will not have the right to vote and  not be able to second or introduce a resolution. The board decides exceptionally the NFAs that do pay within the extended deadline will only be able to vote.
The balans looks good and we managed to stay within the budget. However Vera and MJ haven’t asked for reimbursement of the travel costs they were entitled to. In the near future the new Vice Presidents may not be so generous. As a general measure:  The travel money board members are entitled to but were not reimbursed should be put into the account as a donation on the balans and deducted as costs. Also the Treasurer will investigate how it is possible to make these donations official and tax-deductible.


  • Bucharest conference
    So far not any official applications for workshops. The board members will do workshops on Council of Europe,  European Institutions, Cooperation and Communication and education in Finland and Romania. Applications/proposals for workshops should be sent to stating a short summary to be published in the program.









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