Two candidates for UWE Vice President

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The UWE Board is pleased to announce we have two applications from candidates interested in the position of Vice President of the UWE: Isabelle Trimaille from Paris, France and Elena Flavia Castagnino from Syracuse, Italy.  Elections will be on Sunday 7 September during the AGM in Bucharest. The new Vice Presidents will replace the current Vice Presidents  dr. Marie José Jonczy and  dr. Vera John Mikolajewski, both have served two consecutive terms of three years. Thank you so much for all your work and dedication for women in Europe Marie José and Vera. The candidates will present themselves during the AGM and will both conduct a workshop at the Conference. Click on the links for her CV and letter of Motivation. 


Candidate Isabelle Trimaille

Isabelle TRIMAILLE UWE 2014 cv_en

Isabelle TRIMAILLE UWE VP candidate AGM 2014 (1)

Candidate Elena Flavia Castagnino 

EFCB letter UWE letter of motivation

CV Elena Flavia



Tasks  UWE Vice-Presidents. 
The duties of the UWE vice-president will be divided in the board and  can be:

  • Participating in the INGO Conferences of the Council of Europe and report on them to the UWE-members
  • Participating in the European Women’s Lobby Meetings and report on them to the UWE-members
  • Participating in other gender lobby activities
  • Supporting the president by visiting other NFA’s time to time for special celebrations etc.
  • Contributing to the UWE strategic and work plan.
  • Writing two monthly reports
  • Posting news and articles on the website

 The Vice President should have collected some  experience in working within her national federation/association (NFA) or a similar organization.  She is familiar with the European Situation on Gender equality and is interested in lobby for equal opportunities in all aspects of society for women and men.  She enjoys travelling[1] and is keen to work in an  European team. Preferably, she does not have an official function within her own NFA to avoid conflict of interest.


  • Fluent in English (both written and orally) and preferably French as both the European Women’s Lobby and the Council in Europe is partly French spoken.
  • Digitally able: e.g. Skype; WordPress, Facebook, etc.
  • Collective governance adept
  • Knowledge of the EU and Council of Europe

 [1] The UWE gives a small remuneration which covers  the travel costs in part. In practice a Vice President of UWE spends approximately 1500 Euro per year additionally.


One thought on “Two candidates for UWE Vice President

    Gerda Leushuis said:
    August 28, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    Thank you Isabelle, thank you Elena Flavia for putting forward your candidacy for the offices of Vice President of UWE. I wish good luck on being elected in Bucharest and after being elected I wish you much, much succes in your work for UWE. Take good notice of the Job Description of an UWE Vice President. I hope often to be able to receive your updates about what is happening in Europe

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