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At the UWE Conference in Bucharest half a day was dedicated to the presentations of the NFA’s and their reports. It was great to hear all the news and be inspired by the different activities. We will post them on a special page so it is easy to look up, Please send them forward to To make the report attractive please add a picture and a name to contact should people wish to do so.

photo clara noli
CER Fildis Clara NolWelcome new CER/CIR  Fildis Italy Clara Noli  Unfortunately she was stuck at the airport because of a strike and couldn’t make it to Bucharest.

Fildis Italy and invitation
Has a new board and invites us to come to their annual meeting.
21st-22nd October the National FILDIS Meeting will take place in Rome. Briefly the program. Location: AUDITORIUM Sede ANMIG Piazza Adriana, 2 ROMA 

Tuesday, 21st October:
3.00 -7.00 pm: National Congress “Comunicazione e linguaggi” (Communication and languages).
Experts will join the Congress, among them Nella Condorelli.
7.15 -8.15 pm: buffet dinner
8.30 -10 pm: Theatre performance “E un diamante brillò”, by Aldo Parolini

Wednesday, 22nd October:
10.30 am: Papal Audience (further details will be sent)
Afternoon: FILDIS reports and informal drinking toast
The participation fee will be soon confirmed, approx 110 euro each person.
Journey and accommodation are not included.
More information: CER Italy:

Report and proposal for UWE wide action theme which coincides with the UWE theme Women in decision making positions. We have forwarded this to the convener and hope to discuss the possibilities soon. Hopefully on the 21 of October. Italy, FILDIS, Bucharest Sept 2014

FILDIS National Board
Prof. Gabriella Anselmi, National President and CRE ad interim,
Dott. Donatella Brunetti, Treasurer,
Dott. Flavia Butera, Vice President South,
Prof. Luigia Favalli, Vice President North,
Prof. Agata Murè, Vice President Centre,
Dott. Clara Noli, CIR,
Prof. Mariella Ubbriaco, Secretary,


2 thoughts on “Country reports

    Marja Toivanen said:
    September 25, 2014 at 9:16 am

    Hi Edith

    It is ok to send the ppt which Auli had in Bukarest? If not, please tell how long shoud the report be. When do we get the minutes of the annual meeting? It would be fine to get them before Oct. 11. when we have our board meeting. Meet and Greet will be on May 15-17 as those are the dates of the Violence -project meeting as well. They will invite us all to their final seminar on Friday, on Saturday we will have own meetings and programs and on Sunday we take a boat to Tallinn for a day. I try to find such a trip which allows taking late evening planes back home. One possibility is to fly directly from Tallinn. But these are issues, which we will solve later on.

    Best wishes

    Marja Liisa

    Marja Liisa Toivanen CIR Suomen Akateemisten Naisten Liitto – Finlands Kvinnliga Akademikers Förbund ry Finnish Federation of University Women +35845 872 3929

    Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 10:58:34 +0000 To:

      President University Women of EUROPE said:
      September 25, 2014 at 12:34 pm

      Hi the pp is fine if you would like to add some of the plans even better! Minutes etc will be in time for your boardmeeting but I am sure Auli will write a report too.

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