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The Human Rights Tulip is an annual award for individuals or organisations that promote human rights worldwide in innovative ways.  Every year, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards the Human Rights Tulip to a human rights defender who promotes and supports human rights in innovative ways.
You are encouraged to vote for Dr Sima Samar, who is bravely bringing human rights to Afghans.
Dr Sima Samar recently attended the IFUW conference in Istanbul.
To vote for Dr Sima Samar go to

Dr. Sima Samar is the daring, innovative and steadfast chair of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, promoting human rights and especially women’s rights, continuing when the Taliban came to power. Although she has worked for human rights all her adult life, it was when the Taliban came into power in 1996 that Dr. Samar’s name became synonymous with human rights.She became a hero to the women and girls of Afghanista24_simasamardefn because she stood beside them and fought back when the rest of the world dismissed the terrible predicament as something cultural. She defied the Taliban and kept schools for girls open and operated health clinics for women despite death threats. There are many beneficiaries of her work. She crafted human rights into the Constitution of the country when she was Deputy Prime Minister of the new government. She brought human rights to every corner of the country when she was Minister of Women’s Affairs.

Learning and Sheltering

People like Dr. Sima Samar let the Afghan people know that they have the right to food, shelter, health care, education, and the right not to be beaten or sold as property. These are very empowering and innovative concepts in a setting like Afghanistan. In 2010, she founded a university called the Gawharshad Institute of Higher Learning where young people (especially girls) can understand their rights as well as their responsibilities. Dr. Sima Samar has also established shelter facilities in 2002 for orphans due to the war and the ongoing violence. These shelters not only provide protection but also technical support to allow them to continue their education. This protects them from human traffickers. An average of 200 children per year are helped in this way. Dr. Sima Samar’s shelters for children have been adapted elsewhere in the country when shelters for women, who are victims of domestic violence, were established.


The profiles of the nominees are provided by the nominees or by the nominating organizations or individuals. The views expressed are theirs.


One thought on “Vote for Human Rights Tulip

    garbiñe Larrazabal said:
    October 4, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    Extraordinary woman who I had the pleasure to meet in Istanbul.It is a pleasure to vote for her.

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