Movie UWE Conference Bucharest and draft minutes

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Fond memories when you’ll see  this youtube movie made by the new CER of Romania Roxanne Petruscu . You will see an active and lively crowd listening to lectures, working on the UWE action themes and developing their artistic senses. Three days of interaction made possible by the Romanian Association. “We all appreciated the opportunity to show Romania is more than Roma-people””, the President Mrs. Niculescu said afterwards happy to have had such a great team to do all the work.

Indeed we heard very interesting lectures on the future of education from Prof. Carmen Costea, heard what Romania and Europe needed to develop from the female Presidential Candidate of Romania Monica Macovei and got lots of inspiration in a fabulous exposition of Daniela Frumusanu. Just a few of the many interesting lectures. Also we learned the factors that influence a good dialogue by Christophe Spreng from the International Conference of NGO’s from the Council of Europe who was invited by the UWE Board. Also invited was Mrs. Ana Gorey who gave an overview of  the development of European Schools.
It was incredible how it was possible to have such great and different lunches showcasing the cuisine of Romania and of course those that went on the trips afterwards noticed how divers and immense landscape Romania has. So once again Romania it was a great conference in the National Romanian Library.

Annual General Meeting
The last day of the conference we had the Annual General Meeting in which Isabelle Trimaille and Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri were elected as Vice Presidents for the UWE Board. The budget  2015 was approved provided the financial statement over 2013 was accepted. Delivery of the statement is expected end of november 2014. The per capita fee is 0,46cts based on the number of members 1 january 2014. The location for the UWE AGM is undecided, several delegates are looking into the possibilities of hosting the AGM in 2015. Also the location of the Meet and Greet 2015 remains undecided. Invitations are welcome! Please enquire what it entails at Thank you Isabelle Trimaille and Elena FLavia Castagnino Berlinghieri for writing the minutes. revised minutes Bucharest 7 September 2015(earlier a wrong version was attached, our apologies.


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