Next steps “Quality Education for All in Europe”

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Following the successful workshop in Bucharest in which the newly elected Vice President Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri presented the ‘History of Art and foreign languages as key factor in intercultural education to ensure quality school’ (see this link). Besides Elena Flavia who is coordinating the project and the area of the History of Art also the former CER of Italy, Ida Rampolla del Tindaro Italian President of A.M.O.P.A. (Association des Membres de l’Ordre des Palmes) and a former inspector for the Italian Ministry of Education is coordinating the foreign languages side of the project.

EFCB UWE History of Art WORKSHOP OK [m click on the link to read the context and idea’s of the workshop.
Already the next steps have been taken in Italy. The project which aims to enlarge the intercultural education while focusing on the history of art in combination with the study of foreign languages, has taken the interest of the Italian Minister of Education Stephania Gianninni. At the same time the Scientific Advisory Board is looking for partners within Europe. UWE could participate by supporting the Scientific Advisory Board to find partners focusing first of all on France and the United Kingdom.

“The project which highlights the role of cultural heritage, foreign languages and intercultural educational ultimately aims to support civil society at large. It aims to foster new synergies amongst students and stakeholders in the promotion of world heritage on a local and a European Level”, so Elena Flavia explains. “It is wonderful to notice that the Minister is really interested in our ideas stemming from several experts in the Scientific Advisory Board”, she proudly adds. They will have a meeting half November to present a document taking into account the answers of the questionnaire which was taken at the Workshop at UWE Conference in Bucharest September 2014. Elena Flavia was officially invited by the Ufficio Scolastico Regionale and Ministry of Education to present the project on “Quality education for all in Europe” in Palermo this month where she met the Minister. Elena Flavia and the Edith (President of UWE) met in Rome with Irene Baldriga, the National President of Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti di Storia dell’Arte and Dean of Liceo Ginnasio statale “Virgilio” at the capital of Italy. As a member of the SAB she is very optimistic and believes with this Minister change will come and the History of Art and foreign languages will be seriously taken into the new curriculum of Italy. She will join Elena Flavia in the presentation for the Minister.

So if you have any idea’s or wish to know more, please look at the extensive PowerPoint explaining the idea’s and the impact of the project in Italy. Italy could be a study case as it is as we all know a country which has about 6000 archaeological sites, more than 44 Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites and almost 5000 museums. And as such has had a big impact on the Cultural Heritage of Europe.

Possibly the project is an inspiration to join the network and work together on “Quality Education for all in Europe”. If so we could make it a wider project and use our connections to have a larger impact, say via the Council of Europe or the connection with UNESCO. Let us know!


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