Manifesto’s on Education (IFUW)

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The manifestos, developed with the support of EdCom and the Resolutions convener, and approved by the IFUW Board, provide a succinct and clear message for each of the four pillars of education that IFUW and its members promote: secondary, tertiary, continuing, and non-traditional. Each stage of education has its own manifesto, so each document operates as an independent publication. There is also an all-encompassing manifesto “Education for All” that includes a general overview of all of the four steps of education. The manifestos include the barriers to accessing the specific level of education as well as the steps IFUW calls for in order to tackle the barriers. The manifestos will form core texts for our advocacy work in that they reflect the official IFUW position on education and the concrete action we are calling for in order to maximise the quality and  accessibility of education for all girls and women. We ask all our National Federations and Associations (NFAs) to incorporate these texts into their local and national advocacy work. You may freely share the texts amongst your network, including decision- and policy makers. This may include: any UN agencies in your country, contacts at the Ministries of Education, Finance, and Gender, local government officials, other civil society groups, etc. This is so that we can promote the IFUW and NFA position to as large an audience as possible, which is critical to strengthening our message and increasing our visibility and impact. All five manifestos are attached to this mail and are also available in the members’ section of our website: . We will launch the manifestos publicly later in the autumn. Should you so wish, you may also translate any or all of the manifestos; in fact we would encourage you to, to reflect greater reach in all societies and languages.

The second publication attached is our latest Policy Update, which examines the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the United Nations Human Rights Council . The Update is also available in our members’ section of the website or accessible directly here: . The UPR is a human rights examination that each Member State of the UN must undertake every four and a half years. It is a very important mechanism in that it holds all countries accountable for promoting and protecting human rights, including the right to education. The UPR process offers many levels for participation by civil society. The Policy Update highlights the specific ways in which you can feed into the process, which is a prime means of promoting both IFUW and NFA advocacy initiatives. IFUW will be hosting a webinar on the UN Human Rights Council on 30 October, which will discuss the UPR in more detail. All members are free to participate and can sign up here:

IFUW hopes that you will find the attached documents useful and will use them fully. We would most obliged if you would share with us any feedback these documents generate or how they have been used.


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