National Conference of the Grundtvig project ” Domestic violence against educated women”

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On March 17th, University Women Association Romania organized a national conference of the Grundtvig project “Domestic violence against educated women”. They were invited to debate representatives of NGOs fighting against domestic violence, the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Service,  The Bucharest General Directorate of Police – Prevention Service. A booklet  “Domestic violence.Testimonials” comprising actual cases of domestic violence victims was launched on this occasion, in order to educate and inform women experiencing domestic violence. They were discussed issues concerning the Istanbul Convention, the need to harmonize domestic legislation in view of ratification in Romania, the situation of shelters for women – victims of domestic violence in Bucharest, nature and quality of social service for victims. measures to be taken for improving the protection and quality of sheltered victims, specific issues concerning Roma ethnic community regarding domestic violence, still a topical issue in Romanian society and the NFA’s contributions in this project. Participants agreed that it’s needed a national strategy to combat domestic violence in Romania, silence and acceptance are not desirable in our society.


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