International Symposium “La langue française et le marché des arts” in partnership with UWE

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Nowadays art market is constantly evolving and growing. Moreover, it is a sector where various competence fields converge. On April 21st and 22nd, an international conference will take place at the University of Catania, entitled “La langue française et le marché des arts”, hosted by the Department of Economics and Business (Prof Veronica Benzo), in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Humanities (Prof Cettina Rizzo and Prof Carminella Sipala). The event has been supported by the University of Catania, SUSLLF (Interuniversity Society for the Studies of French Language and Literature), Alliance Française section of Catania, Institut Français, Banca di Credito Cooperativo Credito Etneo, AMOPA, (Association des Membres de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques), Your Trainers Group, Ceramiche De Simone, UWE (University Women of Europe).
Leading experts of this field will attend, as Prof Giovanni Dotoli, University of Bari (Italian and French poet, the author of more than five hundreds works, one hundred of them are volumes, the Director of several series and Scientific Journals, both national and internationl journals); Prof Loic Depecker (Directeur de recherches à  Université de Paris Sorbonne, Président de la Société française de terminologie); Prof Pascal Pistone, University of Bordeaux; Prof Franco Punzi, President of the Paolo Grassi Foundation and Festival della Valle d’Itria;  Prof Claudio Vinti, University of Perugia and Prof Biagio D’angelo, University of Brasilia.

Vice-President UWE  Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri will give a paper entitled A language for ART: cultural heritage and  identity as ‘resources’ in Europe continuing efforts by UWE to improve our  understanding cultural heritage and to promote women’s priorities, perspectives and  contributions to rethinking of growth, as well as recommendations for future actions to be taken in this domain.
The conference will be held at Palazzo delle Scienze and the Benedictine Monastery. The Dean of the University of Catania, the heads of the two Departments, Prof. Michela Cavallaro and Prof.  Giancarlo Magnano di San Lio and the Honorary Consul of France in the Eastern Sicily, Mr Ferdinando Testoni Blasco, will be keynote speakers. See here brochure and program of the Congress organised by the University of Catania in partnership with UWE and  other institutions:


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