Welcome 100 UWE Women in Utrecht: program details

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The program booklet for the UWE Conference is ready to download. Please follow the link. UWE Program incl Agenda AGM 8.
At the end of the booklet you’ll find instructions on travelling from the airport to the conferencevenue: Hotel Mitland in Utrecht.

It is wonderful to have so many women – almost 100 –  from all over Europe visiting Utrecht attending the UWE Conference 2015. The organising committee has done its utmost to provide you with an interesting, uplifting and inspiring program. One of the objectives of this conference is for you to meet as many people as you can. For this reason we made a booklet named: Getting to know everybody. Hopefully you will engage in connecting with lots of people and in doing so assisting others to get answers to their questions.preview
The keynote speakers will give their personal view on networking and how it has helped them to accomplish their goals and they will of course give their views on the gender aspects of networking. To give you an overview of dominant views on networking we have developed a reader which you will find among the documents in the conference bag.
At this UWE conference you will have ample time to discuss, combine and learn from each other during the workshops. As we are a large group unfortunately you cannot participate in all workshops, so we are counting on some of you to make reports.
As customarily during the UWE Conferences, we also offer an interesting side program inviting you to the reception at the lovely academy building in Utrecht. On Friday night you will ‘hit the town’ listening to a concert in the open air, making a boat trip,  and having a drink and bites to eat in the old fashioned Winkel van Sinkel.

On Saturday night at the end of the UWE Conference, you will be pleasantly surprised and welcomed at the Museum Speelklok, which will be especially open for our group and where you will be introduced to all kinds of musical instruments and maybe you can even get a go at one of the barrel organs while enjoying a three course dinner!

PS 1 don’t forget to bring an item for the UWE shop the “profit” will go to the Travelfund! And bring some change for the lottery:)

PS2: On the website the documents for the UWE AGM: Documents UWE Conference

Wishing you a great conference,

The organising Committee

Saskia Voortman (president VVAO Utrecht)
Eileen Focke (former CER /CIR VVAO)
Edith Lommerse (president UWE)


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