Update on the UWE Board: Report President UWE and Vice Presidents

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At the lively and  succesful UWE conference two new boardmembers were elected. Eline Glenday from Finland as the new treasuer and Roxana Petrescu from Romania as the new Secretary General. Congratulations. The UWE members siad farewell to Auli Ojala who had been the treasurer for three years. Thank you Auli for all your work. 

UWE President Edith Lommerse was unanimously re-elected and led the debate between the three key note speakers. On the content of the conference you will get a booklet soon. The UWE President presented her report on 2014-2015. She asked the Contact Persons for European Relations CERS to make sure the information on UWE and calls for action are shared with their members. The website is frequently visited and also facebook gets more and more likes. Please link your facebook to the UWE’s facebook so we can easily share information. See the link for the  report President 2014-2015-signed

Also the vice President Isabelle Trimaille presented her report on activities with the EWL. Report UWE VP Isabelle TRIMAILLE AGM Utrecht 2015.

And Vice President Elena Flavia Castagnino Dear President UWE 2015  and three proposals to support projects

PRIZE Cultural Heritage 2015ros (1) a project with the ministry of education of Italy
2.UWE format Odyssey 2015 a project with English writer Ros Belford
3UWE FORMAT MIGRANTES rid pdf a fashion project to support displaced persons in the south of Europe.


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