Meeting in Italy on 23rd January about “Innovation, tradition and eco-sustainability of woman entrepreneurship”

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AIDDA convegnoSince there are many places where gender equality and women’s integration are being debated in EU, we are pleased to announce that on 23rd January 2016, our Vice- President Prof. Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri was guest at the meeting “Innovation, tradition and eco-sustainability of woman entrepreneurship”. Our Vice-President  spoke about the steps we need to take in order to develop our UWE network organisation. The project was launched in the summer 2015 with the occasion of one of the Italian well-known fashion event “TAOMODA Fashion Week” at Taormina and on November 21st was hosted at the International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences,  an Italian not-for-profit foundation (ONLUS) dedicated to education, training and research in the fields of international and comparative criminal justice and human rights.

The meeting “Innovation, tradition and eco-sustainability of woman entrepreneurship” was organised by AIDDA  (Association of women entrepreneurs and business leaders), a non profit association founded in 1961 in Turin and  very active in the field of female entrepreneurship. Through its 16 regional delegations representing about 1,500 companies, AIDDA is a point of reference for all women who play leadership roles in Italian companies. In this field it’s our goal to make UWE one of the most trusted and helpful resources concerning gender equality.

Thanks to the Italian National President of AIDDA, Franca Audisio Rangoni, along with the strong support of the vice-President Carla Delfino and the Delegate for Sicily Giovanna Nicotra De Geronimo,  the Migrantes Project Dress created and donated to FILDIS Siracusa and UWE  by fashion designer Loredana Roccasalva as unique artwork,  was presented in front of hundreds women entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This was a great occasion to promote the project within the AIDDA network, to involve more women in determined leadership positions and commitment to advance women’s rights.

As Elena Flavia Castagnino  explained the main aim of the Migrants project is giving women refugees in Sicily the hope of a brighter future and work opportunities by combining social, fashion and design on the art of tailoring thanks to specially designed training. As sympathetic woman close to social issues, fashion designer Loredana Roccasalva  fully agree and crafted for us a stunning dress by using different fibers and patterns from all over the Mediterranean, she tailored a sort of mosaic-overcoat coupled with a pure-white silk dress with flowers evoking positive outlook and hope to reborn.

UWE Our vice-President  explained that we are looking for a Goodwill Ambassador (single association, ONG or institutional body) that would buy the ‘Migrantes Dress’ (price based auction 3000,00 euro) in order to donate the funds for the fashion design and sewing courses addressed to a group of woman refugee in Sicily. By establishing one skills development LAB, which in the start-up phase will be leaded by fashion designer Loredana Roccasalva, UWE would like to provide a group of  women with full training in sewing, fashion design and embroidery. We hope to enrich the lives of the women refugees by giving them a chance to learn a new skill and provide them with a recognisable qualification.



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