Gender balance on boards

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As you probably know, the EU has continued to promote gender equality and has worked on a Strategic engagement 2016-2019 to support women’s integration in the labour market, to promote equality in pay, pensions and decision-making, to condemn and combat sexism and gender-based violence.

The results so far are illustrated in the “Report on equality between women and men 2015 “.
Women still face large barriers to advance into senior management, if we look at the figures of the representation of women and men on the boards of the largest listed companies.
It’s really encouraging that a number of Member States have taken initiatives to promote gender balance on boards through the regular monitoring and dissemination of results to raise awareness:
“In France, where a legislative quota has been applied to large companies since 2011, a ‘feminisation index’ assesses women’s influence, using objective, transparent criteria to measure their representation at board level and in management positions, and the existence/implementation of internal policies on gender equality. An annual awards ceremony recognising the achievements of the best-performing companies is widely reported in the press.
The Dutch Female Board Index tracks the board-level representation of women in listed companies in the NetherlandsUpdated annually, it is used to assess compliance with the target adopted by the Dutch Government in 2011. The 2015 update indicates that no listed companies meet the 30 % target for both supervisory and executive boards, though some are close.
In Germany, research company DIW Berlin has been monitoring the numbers of women on supervisory and executive boards since 2006. A January 2016 report covering the 200 largest companies outside the financial sector found that women accounted for 19.7 % of supervisory board and just 6.3 % of executive board members.
In 2010, the UK Government commissioned a review to assess gender balance at board level in large companies, identify barriers to the progression of women and make recommendations as to what government and business could do to increase the proportion of women on corporate boards.”
This year, the Conference in Winchester will be focused on LEADERSHIP, this is why Our Vice President Isabelle Trimaille offered to analyse and comment in a workshop group the results of the present report, especially regarding gender balance on boards.  Take this opportunity to read it, we will keep you updated with news on our event.





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