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10391644_169340908246_6434680_n  1016103_10151658898868996_1803234613_nThe European  Women’s Lobby (EWL) is involved in the project #womensvoices, with the Women’s Refugee Commission, a member of EWL,  in order to give visibility to the situation and the protection risks faced by women and girls refugees and asylum seekers in Europe.
With the project, the EWL and WRC want to call on the EU and its member states to abide by their obligation for due diligence and implement legislation and measures to prevent and answer to the male violence faced by refugee women and girls: Update Feb 2016 Goals and deliverables of EWL-WRC project 
They have therefore elaborated a questionnaire, which will help to get the broader picture of the situation and to develop joint advocacy messages, as well as efficient national factsheets. In order to do so, they are asking University Women of Europe to provide more information about the situation in each country, so our members are invited to take action: fill in the #womensvoices questionnaire!
You will find here the questionnaire with its guiding note: Guidance note & questionnaire womensvoices project final
Don’t be impressed by the length! We know there are many questions, but they are organised to help you get the right information and get a better understanding of the broader picture in your country. 
We also highly encourage you to work with your members, with the expert to the EWL Observatory in your country, with the member of the European Network of Migrant Women in your country, and with any relevant NGO who is an expert on refugees/asylum or who is working directly on the ground.
Together with Vix, EWL is also ready to directly be in contact with you, would you need to discuss the questionnaire and how to fill it in, or the strategy to find the answers and the right partners to contact.
Please let us know any support you would need for this project! (email to boarduwe@gmail.com, so we can arrange a call, skype together with EWL, etc.).
All the answers should be sent to boarduwe@gmail.com by 30 April.
Please let us know, while you are working on the questionnaire, if you are stuck, or can’t provide all the answers; we can then discuss to find a solution and support you. 
We hope this project will be of interest to the majority of you!
Please read the guiding note about how you can contribute too.
Thanks a lot in advance for your interest!

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