International conference on gender, refugees and security

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univ-gotenburgGADIP (Gender and Development in Practice) invites you to an International conference on gender conditions for Refugees during and after Refuge, on 21-22 October, GÖTEBORG.

The conference has two overarching themes:

1. Gender perspectives on refugees in Sweden and Europe.
2. Refugees, security and gender balance

The refugee issue will be discussed from a gender and security perspective. Which are the implications of security for the different actors involved in refugee process before, during and after refuge for women and men? Many of these have tried to get to Europe and some have succeeded. Many have lost their lives on the road and others hampered by political obstacles.

The conference is free and open to anyone interested of this issue, regardless of political, religious, academic or organizational background.

Some of the activities during the conference will be in English, other in Swedish.

You are warmly welcome to register by 17 October/the latest via link:

For questions or more information about the conference, please contact: 

The conference is organised by two actors – one is GADIP, an apolitical non-profit organization consisting of researchers and associations active in order to create a meeting place where theory and practice come together in a dialogue with a gender perspective on the current co-social issues, and a research group called MERGU, Migration and ethnicity research at Gothenburg University. The aims of these groups is to strengthen cooperation between research and practice.

More information about GADIP activities here on Facebook: GADIP – Gender and Development in Practice



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