Joint statement European Commission,Parliament and Council Presidency calling for ratification and implementation of Istanbul Convention

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A message from the European Women’s Lobby. Focusing on the need to combat violence against women. One of the action themes of UWE.

Dear all,

Last Friday 3/02 , on the occasion of the Conference in Malta on EU responses to gender based violence, the three European Institutions (European Commission, Parliament and Council Presidency) signed a Joint Statement calling the Member States to:

  1. “To ratify the Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention) for those Member States not having done so yet;

    2. To fully and effectively implement the Istanbul Convention;

    3. To conclude and finalise the decision on the EU accession to the Convention with a meaningful scope; and

    4. To engage in a constructive and open dialogue with the Presidency, the Commission and the Council of Europe to clarify that the definition of gender-based violence is the violence that happens to women because they are women and to reaffirm the ongoing commitment to solve the outstanding issues.

    5. The three European institutions also commit themselves to zero tolerance to violence against women and girls.

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