Kit Against sexism

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For the first time, the word SEXISM has entered into the labour code with a new specific “sexist acts” provision.

Manifestations of sexism at work take many forms, they can be experienced differently by those who are victims of it and can have repercussions on the professional lives of employees.

While a certain number of acts and behaviours on the grounds of sex (discrimination on grounds of sex, insults on grounds of sex) or sexual connotation (sexual harassment, etc.) described hereafter (appendix) are already covered by the law, what we call “everyday sexism” has recently been subject to a specific provision in the labour code regarding the banning of “all sexist acts”, arising from the act of 17th August 2015 relating to social dialogue and employment. The act of 8th August 2016 relating to labour, the modernisation of social dialogue and the safeguarding of career paths has strengthened these provisions.

The Higher Council for professional equality between men and women (CSEP), introduces this new legislation to you, as well as three tools to act within your company:

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