Call for Candidates UWE Board

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Call for candidates UWE Board

The UWE Board is pleased to invite applications from candidates interested in the position of President of the UWE.

Starting 24 of June 2018 the Board has two vacancies.

  1. President : as the current President dr. Edith Lommerse, has served two consecutive terms of three years. 
  2. Secretary General: Roxana Elena Petrescu, the current Secretary General,will stand for another term of three years.

The ideal candidate for UWE President should have evident affinity with the aims of UWE and GWI, has an antenna for trends in the field of UWE ‘s aims, a contemporary manager who has collected some experience in working within her national federation/association (NFA) or a similar organization. She is familiar with the European situation on Gender equality and is interested in lobby for equal opportunities in all aspects of society for women and men. She welcomes new ideas and has the capacity to asses them, enjoys traveling1 and is keen to work in an European team. Preferably, she does not have an official function within her own NFA to avoid conflict of interest.

Applications, consisting of a CV, photo and a motivational letter stating the candidate will accept the post should the AGM elect the candidate . The candidate is also required to present herself during 5 minutes at the UWE Conference in Rome, 21-24 June 2018.

Applications should be made to, to arrive thirty days before the AGM, i.e. by 24 th May 2018 at the latest.


  • Fluent in English (both written and orally) and preferably French and/or German as both the European Women’s Lobby and the Council in Europe is partly French spoken. 
  • Digitally able: e.g. Skype, WordPress, Facebook, etc. Collective governance adept 
  • Knowledge of the EU and Council of Europe
  • Should be prepared and count on a time investment of the 40 to 60 hours a month


The duties of the UWE President will be:

  • Coordinate the task division in the UWE Board
  • Prepare the Agenda for Board meetings and the Annual General Meetings in cooperation with the UWE Secretary General
  • Chair the General Meeting and the Board meetings
  • Represent the UWE for internal and external relations
  • Support the organization committee of the annual UWE event
  • Monitor the annual selection of the Jans Gremmée award
  • Keep in touch with the Steering Group European Projects

The specific duties of the Secretary General are:

  • Preparing the annual report of UWE, preparing the board meetings, AGM, agenda,


  • Ensuring the observation of democratic principles and procedures within UWE
  • Monitoring transparency and the rule of law within UWE;
  • Safeguarding the Constitution and ensuring the observation of by-laws and rules

within UWE;

  • Ensuring that due diligence is exercised in relation to all actions and projects;
  • Contribution to the President’s annual report with concrete verification of these

criteria, e.g. providing all records for inspection;

  • PR, writing and organizing news on the web site, Facebook , digital newsletter etc.

and general PR strategy and implementation

  • Should be prepared and count on a time investment of the 40 to 60 hours a month

For the Board,

Edith Lommerse


1The UWE gives a small remuneration which covers the travel costs in part. In practice a President of UWE spends approximately 1500 Euro per year additionally.


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