Call to host UWE AGM 2020 and Meet and Greet 2019

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The UWE Board is pleased to invite applications from NFA’s interested in hosting the UWE Conference in 2020. As you probably know, Graduated Women International is organizing next year a 33rd Triennal and Centenary Celebration in Geneva on 25-28 July and we encourage you to attend this important event.

The host NFA will be assisted by the Board in relation to the Conference programme. Applications, including a short proposal in PowerPoint, for presentation at the UWE Conference in Rome 2018 should be made to to arrive 11th of June at the latest. There is ample material to use for organizing the Conference and the UWE Board will assist with the theme, PR and programming. The AGM is usually held around the end of August.

Call to Host Possible Meet and Greet 2019

The concept of a Meet and Greet originates from a try out in Amsterdam: UWE Meet and Greet Amsterdam 2014 followed up with a successful event in London : UWE Meet and Greet London 2015 . It was judged to be very worthwhile, productive and informative, as well as being an opportunity for members from different NFA’s to meet, exchange views, form friendships and learn from each other. As the cost for attending should be low it is an opportunity for members of your NFA to be introduced to the international work of UWE.
A Meet and Greet 2019, again taking place possible around Europe Day (9 May 2018), would further inform both existing and potential members in an informal setting, would give further focus to UWE and strengthen the ties already made.

Applications are therefore requested from NFA’s who would be interested in hosting a Meet and Greet weekend the latest by the end of May 2019. The host NFA would be assisted by the Board in regard to themes and presentations for the day. A Meet and Greet is a kind of friendship tour combined with introductions and updates on the international work of UWE in the EWL and the INGO conference of the Council of Europe.

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