Sad news about Dr. Helen S. Dunsmore of Graduate Women Scotland

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On January 7, 2019,  we’ve learned with sadness,  about the death of a beautiful figure of our movement,  Helen Dunsmore.
Helen has a PhD in Electrochemistry and  she was the first woman President of Glasgow Association of Women Graduates. Her brilliant career dedicated to science has made her very early on sensitive to the few women in this sector.  She became involved in our movement, and her qualities brought her to the presidency of IFUW and she has became one of the first presidents of UWE.
She was a friendly lady specially for the young members and as Terry Oudraad said «  she was a wonderful source of information in her charming Scottish accent for the new Young Member » when she met her.
The professor with whom she worked as a young student was an excellent friend with his wife of my parents, which had created a special bond between us.
On your behalf, we extend our deepest condolences to her family and to our Scottish and English friends.

From the Board,

Dr. Anne Negre
President University Women of Europe
Vicepresident of the Conference of INGOs – Council of Europe

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