Graduate Women’s Baltic Sea Conference 2019 – Finland

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Finnish Federation of Graduate Women (FFGW), member of University Women of Europe, welcomes you to the Graduate Women’s Baltic Sea Conference 2019 “Together for GENDER EQUALITY IN EDUCATION AND WORK and COMMITMENT TO OUR COMMON BALTIC SEA”. 

Place: Science Center Heureka, Vantaa, Finland

Time: Saturday 12 October 2019, 08:00 – 16:30



According to the 2017 Gender Equality Index, gender equality is progressing at a snail’s pace in the EU. In Finland, there are even indications of backsliding in gender equality. In the research literature, it is widely accepted that it is not possible to attain a more equal society for men and women without reducing the segregation in education and working life. In addition to improved social policies and structural changes, a more equal society requires concrete action. In our conference, the Graduate Women of the Baltic region seek solutions to dismantle segregation. At the same time, the focus is on how women and women’s organizations can positively respond to climate change and the protection of our shared Baltic Sea. Climate change is also a matter of equality. Bringing together professionals working in gender equality and the protection of the Baltic Sea and women from different countries will lead into sustainable action.

Organizers: Finnish Federation of Graduate Women together with British Embassy Finland, Eesti Akadeemiliste Naiste Ühing, Федерация женщин с университетским образованием, Kvinnliga Akademikers Förening and Lietuvos Universitetų Moterų Asociacija

THE REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL 1 OCTOBER 2019. Please register here:

The previous Nordic-Baltic conferences were held in Estonia (2016) and Lithuania (2017).

For more information, please visit the website of Finnish Federation of Graduate Women and the FB event page


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