2020 HELP Network e-Conference, Strasbourg 8-9 July

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The HELP Annual Network Conference is the main gathering of the HELP Network members and partners. It provides a forum to present the latest HELP courses developed and key HELP projects. It is also a forum for discussion on how to enhance the impact of human rights training and how to improve effective co-operation among all members and partners of the HELP Network.

In 2020, due to the limitations caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the HELP Network Conference will exceptionally be held in an entirely online format.

Click here to see the Agenda 

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To highlight the response of the Council of Europe Programme on Human Rights Educational for Legal Professionals (HELP) to the situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak
  • To mark the 70th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights
  • To inform on the current challenges for the respect of certain rights guaranteed with the ECHR and on the HELP response to those challenges through the HELP online courses
  • To present the developments in the HELP Programme since the 2019 HELP Network Conference:
    • an update on the HELP projects and initiatives
    • newly developed or updated HELP courses
  • To provide the HELP Network members a forum for addressing their peers 
  • To present to the HELP Network the newly established Open Council of Europe Academic Network (OCEAN) and discuss links and synergies between OCEAN and HELP

Click here to join e conference 

Interpretation available in English, French

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Link active on 8-9 July 2020



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