Annual Report of the of the German Federation of University Women

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Founded in 1926, DAB is (one of) the oldest women’s organisation in Germany and a professional network of university women campaigning for gender equality at home, at work, in politics.
We aim to inspire more girls to study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at universities and a mentoring programme gives students as well as young women the opportunity to build skills in employability through confidence building and developing key skills. Aditionally, as a multi-disciplinary graduate organisation we offer financial support to Ph.D students in all disciplines.

At present 3 working groups bring together members with a shared enthusiasm for Women in Pharmacy, Women in Science and Technology, Women in Economics and Politics and provide an agil environment for focused research.

In May 2019 we participated at UWE Meet and Greet: „ My Story – My Identity“ in Dundee, Scotland
In October 2019 DAB hosted the meeting of the DACH (Austra, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany): „In der Mitte Europas – Sachsen im Wandel“ („In the Middle of Europe – Saxony Through the Ages“) in Dresden.
And then the communication landscape has changed dramatically throughout 2020 and we had rapidly to innovate our digital capabilities and focus on digital alternatives. But even the members aged at least 80(+) were able to make the most of this connectivity revolution – thanks to their families, friends, members and everyone involved.

Whilst a number of DAB events and conferences in 2020 have been postponed to 2021/ 2022 or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning to organise/ attend at April 30th, 2021: Conference: „Frauen aus aller Frauen Länder – Akademikerinnen gestalten die Zukunft Deutschlands“ („Women of all Women’s Countries – Women Academics shape the Future of Germany“) in cooperation with Wissenschaftszentrum für Sozialforschung (WZB) in Berlin, Location: WZB.

This initiative aims to support female academics of the world working in Germany through our network and to increase gender equality in society, academia and of course in Germany.
September, 11th: Election of DAB Board
October 2021: Meeting of DACH „Alt und Neu von Rotterdam nach Delft und Zurück“ in Rotterdam
November 20th, 2021: European Women Pharmacists Meeting „Pharmazie und Ethik“ („Pharmacy and Ethics“) in Cluj Napoca (Romania). The programme is currently under development but speakers from several countries will discuss the ethical issues that pharmacists, across all sectors, encounter on a daily basis. As usual a programme of pre- and post meeting social activities will be provided over the weekend.

Further information on the programme, venue and accommodation will be announced shortly.

On behalf of Deutscher Akademikerinnenbund e.V.:
Manuela Queitsch/ President
Ines Dannehl/ CIR & CER

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