Psychological assistance provided to members of Swiss NFA – Geneva section

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The current health situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, with its share of consequences (bereavement, confinement, concerns, isolation, loss of employment, uncertainty, teleworking, job insecurity, financial insecurity) has largely favored the emergence of vulnerability factors within the entire population. The presence of these factors of personal and interpersonal vulnerabilities offers a favorable ground for the accentuation and / or the occurrence of psychological and psychological difficulties. We observed that women were particularly affected and made vulnerable. In view of this worrying observation for mental health, social, family, professional and academic balance, we have a thought for all women, all mothers, all girls, who are confronted on a daily basis with their own psychological difficulties, to those of the couple, to the difficulties related to the education of the children, to the difficulties that students and girls go through during their studies, etc.

The Geneva section (AGFDU) of the Swiss NFA and the CLAFG  (Connection Center of Geneva Feminine Associations) who collaborate together for well-being, integration, academic and professional success,  development of women and girls, has found appropriate to provide their support in the accompaniment of women and girls who are going through psychological difficulties. This is why we provide a framework for listening, support and psychological guidance. Starting on the occasion of March 8, celebrating International Women’s Rights Day, a psychological assistance will be offered to provide women and students a psychological support. This psychological assistance will take place on the CLAFG location, by an experienced psychologist in supporting women, member of the Geneva section (AGFDU).

A nice action showing how women associations can collaborate together for a common goal. Thanks Monica Chirita – Leménager, AGFDU President for sharing with us, maybe it will inspire our members and other women associations.

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