Call for Papers -Young Economist Prize ECB 2022

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Every year the European Central Bank (ECB) invites PhD students to participate in its Young Economist Prize. Finalists are invited to the ECB Forum on Central Banking, where they are given the unique opportunity to present their research and engage with policymakers and top academics from around the world.
The theme of the 2022 ECB Forum on Central Banking is “Challenges for the post-pandemic economy”. Accordingly, PhD students are invited to submit papers on this theme, including the following topics:
i. the short and long-term consequences of the pandemic on the labour market and modes of work, including on human capital accumulation and productivity;
ii. energy markets in the post-pandemic economy, especially the effects of energy price volatility on inflation and inflation expectations;

iii. globalisation, value chains, production networks and international trade in the post- pandemic economy, in particular the impact of supply bottlenecks on structural and stabilisation policies;
iv. commercial and residential real estate markets in the post-pandemic economy, in particular boom-bust cycles and the implications of cross-country heterogeneity in real estate markets for prudential and macroeconomic stabilisation policies;
v. the role of inflation expectations in monetary policy decisions;
vi. central bank digital currencies and crypto-assets, and their implications for the conduct of monetary policy.

Selected applicants (female applications are particularly welcome) will have the chance to present their research to top policymakers and academics at the ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra (Portugal) from 27 June to 29 June 2022 and to win €10,000.

Photo: Award ceremony – Young economists’ competition ECB June 19, 2019

Papers on other topics relevant to euro area central banking (including monetary policy, new means of payment and payments infrastructures, the deepening of Economic and Monetary Union, the functioning of the euro area economy and financial system, financial stability, and banking regulation and supervision) will also be considered.

Click on the link for more details of the call for papers.

Click here to see the Current traineeship vacancies for recent graduates in selected areas of the ECB.

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