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The last two months have been quite hectic for me personally starting a new job at the Dutch Police as an investigator on integrity and culture in procurement departments. Also I travelled to Rome to meet the Fildis association and participate in their annual meeting and met Elena Flavia our new Vice President to get acquainted and discuss UWE board matters, the same I did a few weeks ago in Paris when I met Isabelle also UWE Vice president. Due to calendar problems we couldn’t meet as a board in full but in this way we could make a start with our work in the board. The next board meeting will probably be held at the Meet and Greet around may. Date to be comfirmed. 
As the elections of the VIce Presidents coincided with the elections of the EWL (which were earlier) we were lucky to have found a good candidate for the EWL Treasury in Annelies Pierrot who will be further introduced on the website and facebook. She was in October elected in the executive committee of the EWL. We also have a candidate for the Gender expert for the INGO conference of the Council of Europe, Anne Nègre will present herself as a candidate supported by UWE.
I think it is great that Roxanne Petrescu offered toe be the PR coordinator for UWE and will help the board and the CERs with the communication on all kinds of matters.
Last but not least I would like to draw your attention to the work of our VIce President in Italy. Elena Flavia recently presented the work of the UWE Workshop Quality Education for all in London with support of the Italian Minister of Education. More info on the website.
For the upcoming year we will present the UWE action plan based on the reports on the Conference in September 2014, will do some work on the position of UWE in relation to IFUW and the proposed Name change, some budget issues and of course elections in 2015. We will have elections for a Secretary general, a Treasurer and the Presidency. It will be my last year of the first term. The UWE Presidency has proven to be quite a task. Taking free time away from my family and work. Also board matters are not always happy ones as many of you who are in a board will know and lastly it requires some financial support from the family budget to do travelling. I will think about my position and reflect on what is needed for the UWE Board and the UWE the next few months and will decide if I will go for another term based on the reactions and the outcome of these reflections. Please let me know your thoughts on what is needed at
Edith Lommerse UWE President 2012-
Edith Lommerse UWE President 2012-