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Salon de livres de femmes

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On 23 th November, French Association of University Women – AFFDU organized the 12th edition of Women’s book fair in Paris. Unique in France, this special event is dedicated to women authors of essays, it is meant to highlight the diversity of women’s talents by gathering authors from all disciplines: historians, journalists, scientists, philosophers, sociologists.

This edition was a tribute to Nicole Bécarud who organized the first edition of Women’s book fair, reflecting on the possibilities to offer the french people a way to recognize their scientific work excluding novels and poetry, since, in the minds of the public, women seemed to be mostly confined in this category of literary creation.

Doctor in chemistry (she attended the School of Chemistry of Paris) it seems to her quite natural to promote the scientific literature of philosophers, children, women, geographers, linguists, clinicians, chemists, physicists and all others researchers because of her job – (Head of Scientific and Technical Service of National Association of Industries Food) she earned her accession to Rank of Knight of the Legion of Honor in March 1985, then in 2001, in the name of Women’s Rights Secretariat (as President of AFFDU) and Ministries responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises and vocational training and obtained the rank of Officer of the Legion of Honor.

Since its creation, AFFDU promotes gender equality being engaged in many domains: equality, education, women empowerment.

In 1994, she launched the project, and all essay writers who have published in 94 and then in 95, came to expose their works and dedicate them. As member of the “Club de la Mer” whose seat was a barge moored at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on the Seine, she opened this first book fair in a houseboat. The success was immediate: the pool of authors of the AFFDU was vast, and above all, the idea of dedicating a book fair to women essays writers had a huge impact.

The barge proved to be too limited in places and Nicole had to look for a new place to host the event.

Thanks to its efforts, the City Hall of Sixth district of Paris was strongly interested in this very original event and offered his Hall of Festivals. Nicole Bécarud had therefore fully succeeded the mission she received from her association: make known the opportunities for French women to show their scientific qualities.