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Annual Report of the Graduate Women Scotland

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UWE Meet & Greet Dundee, 2019

Although we are ending this session in strange times and last years social events seem far away we have had a very busy session.

Just prior to the end on Session in May 2019 GWS hosted the UWE Meet and Greet in Dundee, and we were very happy to welcome 80 attendees representing 11 European Federations.

The GWI AGM followed in Geneva and 9 members of GWS attended, the UWE AGM being held during this meeting.

Cat Sutherland was on the GWI resolutions committee for the 2016-2019 Session and in October 2019 the GWI Board approved her nomination to be the Convener for the Resolutions Committee 2019-2022, coordinating a group of 4 GWI members based in Italy, Mexico and India coordinating Objective 3 from the GWI Strategic objectives in membership led by (and reporting to) Membership VP Eileen Fokker-Baker.

In November, Cat was selected from 40 applicants as one of the 20 delegates of GWI’s delegation to CSW64, due to take place at the United Nations headquarters in New

GWS delegates – GIW AGM Geneva, 2019

York City, New York, unfortunately cancelled due to Coronavirus. The GWI resolutions committee continued with their virtual meetings to progress towards 2 webinars as part of the GWI Webinar series These related to resolutions 5 and 6 which were attended on Zoom by many members including some from Europe.

GWS had a busy session with a wide variety of local meetings and the GWS lunch and visit in January. In addition GWS having provided sponsorship, members from the 3 associations attended at the PiCLS (Dundee School of life Sciences) meeting where they spoke to the many undergraduates present.

3 students studying in Scotland received grants from BFWG and Our President Fiona Sutherland met with them to make the presentation. This is a regular occurrence and caused GWS to look at ways that we can provide assistance to students and hopefully this will be in place in time to assist some girls who’s studies were affected by COVID.


Using a combination of Zoom and email GWS and the local associations were able to hold their AGM and voted in Rachel Marsh (GWS East) as the new president in May 2020 (the other Board members remain the same). With restrictions easing the local associations are looking at how to present this years programme with several virtual meetings proposed.

On behalf of Graduate Women Scotland:

Cat Sutherland/CER