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Black Protests – University Women of Europe in solidarity with women in Poland!

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polish-women-on-strikeToday, on 3rd October, women in Poland will take off work, school and home work to join the protest against a plan to take away the freedom from them to decide about their own bodies and their pregnancies. They will all be wearing black to demonstrate mourning and sadness on a national strike called: #BlackProtest #CzarnyProtest .

Women organisations across Europe in solidarity with women in Poland are reacting strongly against the decision taken by Polish lawmakers to push on with a near total-ban on abortion.

The law in Poland now allows an abortion only in one of the three dramatic cases: if the pregnancy is of life risk to the pregnant woman, if the fetus is very seriously ill or when the pregnancy is an effect of a crime (rape). Nobody forces women to perform an abortion on their bodies in any of the three cases. But the new law not only bans any abortion completely, but also defines that the human life starts with conception – the consequences of which will be a legal investigation and prison punishment for women as well as anyone possibly involved for any kind of pregnancy termination (a women who miscarried will be investigated to find out whether this was not an act of abortion), ban of in-vitro pregnancies, limitation to ban of prenatal examination (as they might lead to miscarriages or the decision of an abortion).

How can we get involved and react?

• Sign this open letter in solidarity with women in Poland and to support women grassroots movements by helping them to fundraise. This is a We move Europe initiative in partnership with the European Women’s Lobby (EWL).
• Write a letter to the Polish Embassy in your country calling for Poland’s obligation to protect human rights and asking Polish decision-makers to listen to the demands of women’s rights organisations.
• Join the social media actions posting pictures in black clothes, hashtag #czarnyprotest (black protest) so that the protest becomes even more viral. Use also the hashtag: #ODZYSKACWYBOR, to show solidarity with women in Poland.
• Share on social media the EWL and We move  Europe campaign visuals calling on several decision makers in Poland and at EU to react and ensure women’s human rights (find them at the bottom of this site).

The bill to liberalise abortion proposed by women’s rights organisations was rejected by the Polish Parliament without any further debate. Here you will find the full text in English of the proposed bill.

The bill proposed by “Save Women” was calling to allow abortion on request in the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy, increase access to contraception and sex education, and preserve existing exceptions for fetal anomalies until the 24th week, and for rape or sexual abuse until the 18th week.  In June this year, the EWL sent a letter to the Polish Government calling for Poland’s obligation to protect human rights and asking Polish decision-makers to listen to the demands of women’s rights organisations.

We’re with women in Poland,  women rights are under a huge threat, please sign the petition and show solidarity !

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