Invitation to zoom talk by BWFG – Canterbury

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Canterbury & District Association of Women Graduates

The local branch of The British Federation of Women Graduates

is organizing a Zoom talk:


19.30 GMT (20.30 CET) on Thursday 17 February 2022

when Francesca Vitelli the President of ‘EnterprisinGirls an Italian organisation (a new member of UWE) will be the invited Speaker

Francesca studied Political Science and has twenty years experience of dealing with labour and gender culture. Francesca will talk about:

  • EnterprisinGirls mission to create opportunities and synergies for personal and professional growth
  • A new online/off line model which has become recognised as best practice by two different European entities
  • How EnterprisinGirls meets the specific needs of micro enterprises, small professional studios, artisans and artists
  • How EnterprisinGirls meets the needs of women of all ages, from all sectors and with different experiences.

All our UWE members are invited to join this meeting.


Meeting ID: 867 7476 1066
Passcode: 405059