Proposal to host 2018 UWE AGM & Conference in Rome

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The Board is glad to announce we’ve received a letter on behalf of FILDIS – Federazione italiana Laureate e Diplomate Istituti Superiori, signed by President Prof. Gabriella Anselmi, to host the AGM Conference 2018 in the beautiful city of Rome.

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to return frequently. It gathers open arms. It also constitutes an Open Air Museum.
The Powerpoint will show you some of the places where we will choose the locations for our events.
FILDIS will be happy to host the 2018 UWE Conference in Italy.
We will gladly welcome you to Rome.
We inform you that all costs will be borne by the participants.
FILDIS can not support all these expenses.
Looking forward to see you in Graz next week!
For the board,
many regards,
Roxana Elena Petrescu
Secretary General University Women of Europe

FILDIS and UWE for international meeting on female military force

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A meeting Donne in Divisa” (Women in uniform) organized by FILDIS and UWE, hosted a delegation of US Navy and US Air Force women and a group of Italian military women belonging to the Armed Forces and the Police.

The event, which is part of the International Women’s Day celebrations, was held at the Syracuse University of Catania – SDS Architettura Università on 28 of March, 2017.

The Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Military, from the NAVSUP Logistic Command and the Remote Pilot Aircraft Group of Air Force aeronautical, and the group of Italian military women belonging to the Armed Forces and Order (State Police, Carabinieri, Guard of Finance) shared their professional experiences during a moderate round table by UWE Vicepresident Phd. Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri  and the Head of Communications at NAS Phd. Alberto Lunetta.

The entry of women into the Armed Forces and the Guardia di Finanza aims to answer the female aspirations and the needs of the Armed Forces. As claimed by the Ministry of Defence, women’s recruitment is in fact the implementation response of a new model of defence, in line with the new tasks and operational scenarios envisaged for the Armed Forces (increase in international missions, peace keeping activities),which is a completely professional and fully integrated tool with those of the European and NATO countries that have, for a much longer time, been female staff in their queues. In this respect, the publication NATO Women in the NATO Armed Forces, published in 2000, is a very useful reference term.

The event, whose purpose is to make the role of women in the armed forces more widely known to the public and to offer ideas for reflection and inspiration on leadership and managerial style, and on how to reconcile work and family, was addressed by Phd. Gabriella Ioppolo, Questore of Syracuse and the delegations of military women of State Police, Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri, Navy Military and US Military of Sigonella.

Source: Siracusalife

Photo credit: Salvo Trommino

National Conference FILDIS Pavia, 23-24 October 2015

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From 23 to 25 October, the Central University of Pavia, will host the National Conference 
FILDIS “Far vivere la memoria, flusso di conoscenza attraverso le generazioni”.
We have chosen the theme of "memory" for the event, continuing the reflections resulting 
from the centenary of the First World War and the celebration of 490 years since the Battle 
of Pavia.
The first day, on 23rd, we will remember the signs of women of Pavia (by Maria Pia 
Andreolli) focusing on Rina Monti Star, the first woman who obtained a university cathedra
 in Italy, (edited by Jessica Maffei).
There will be a space dedicated to current events in which you will trace the difficult path
 of equality (by E. Confalonieri) and will attempt to shed light on the roots of a modern 
anti-discriminatory culture (by Fiorenza Taricone).
On the second day, the 24th,  will be the turn of three major associations present in Pavia 
(Babel, EMC, Contatto) who will talk about their work in the field of education of
 foreigners,young people at risk and with an emphasis on 'importance of the language and
 how we can build a creative mutual way communicating differences.
Saturday evening will close the second day at the Basilica di San Michele maggiore with a 
concert by Roberto Peruzzo.
On the last day, Sunday 25th , will be a full day for tourism.
Full agenda here: locandina convegno Pavia(1)

F.I.L.D.I.S. (Federazione Italiana Laureate e Diplomate Instituti Superiori) affiliated to 
GWI (Graduated Women International) and to U.W.E. (University Women of Europe), 
non-profit organization:
It was founded in Rome 93 years ago in 1922 under the chairmanship of the philosopher
 Isabella Grassi who firmly believed that personal commitment, even within the international 
associations, "elevated women culturally, socially and spiritually"; is present throughout the
 country with 13 local branches FILDIS - G.W.I .; 
it was self suspended between 1935 and 1944 because of disagreements with the
fascist government, reconstituted in 1945 under the guidance of Prof. Levi Civita Free 
for its 90th anniversary of the Foundation has been awarded a special medal from 
Italian President Giorgio Napolitano;
 it is part of the Regional Women's Lazio, the Network  for Equality, the Regional 
Coordination of CNDI, collaborates with other women's groups that operate at international
level as well as national and with the group: "Toponomastica Femminile” and submitted to 
the Workshop Permanente The historic city from the perspective of gender 
from 23 November 2013 the registered office has returned to Rome after more than 
sixty years;  On October 22, 2014, a delegation was received in Papal Audience.
 So we want to mark a new beginning and renewed our activities, all aimed at promoting 
social, cultural and professional women "beyond any question of race, language, religion 
or political opinions", so they can best express their talents. 
 The strong points of our actions are welcome, solidarity and friendship, that allow us to 
continue to promote cooperation among women, graduated and not graduated, from all 
over the world but also with women's organizations or social promotion cooperating with 
local facilities, with African and / or Latin America, ensuring, among other things, the 
forming of groups of volunteers. 
We maintain systematic relations with the associations that are committed to the 
recognition of women in key positions of power management. 
First volume of “Una tessera del mosaico” written by our honorary member
Prof.Fiorenza Taricone - Professor Phd. of History of Political Doctrines at the University 
of Cassino, Southern Lazio - is dedicated to the history of FILDIS from 1922 to 1992.
Along with other members has begun writing a second volume that speaks of our efforts 
during the past 20 years, until now. 
We could proudly say that the Constitution is an example of mature democracy participatory.
Our attention is also paid to women who come from other countries and need constructive 
cooperation school - family for their children and their families. 
Each year, by statute, we are organizing FEDERAL COUNCIL - meeting of all the 
presidents of local branches and former National presidents. 
On this occasion at least we organize a conference to be held alternately in the cities where 
there is a local branch FILDIS.
In the current year - 2015 - the statutory meetings are held in Pavia.