Bringing the SDGs Home – Guide

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On 5th June is celebrated the World Environment Day, the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Corona Virus pandemic had a profound impact on the environment and if we are able to rethink our life, we can be motivated to be more eco-friendly in our day to day lives: with the technology and employer policies of teleworking, we can only hope jobs that can be done remotely should stay that way, to minimize the carbon emissions and other air pollutants, people will have learned to be more resourceful and less wasteful during this time, shopping more sustainably out of necessity, the whole world doesn’t need to stop for positive environmental changes to happen, but small lifestyle adjustments from people all over the world that can go a long way to help the environment.

Whether or not you have just been introduced to the idea of sustainable living or have been trying to better your lifestyle for a while now, thanks to Catriona Sutherland – CER Scottish Federation of University Women, we found out that UN Association Scotland has just completed a beautifully composed guide on how to incorporate the SDGs into your home living: A Simple Guide to Sustainable Living, an easy read relating to real world possibilities, a great resource where you can find all of the basics and do more research on topics that you are curious about. We invite you to have a look through hoping you’ll find something you’ve never considered before or even more ideas to improve your lifestyle.

We hope you find it useful, feel free to share it widely.

UNHS Guide Final.pdf 4.61 MB • Download