UWE Conference 2015: The Art of Networking Skills, Styles and Values

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draaimolenWe are pleased to invite you to the next Annual General Meeting of the University Women of Europe in Utrecht on 29th of August 2015 which will be combined, as usual, with a two day conference (27 till 30 August 2015). Details on the AGM and the elections for Secretary General. Treasurer and President will be posted on the website.

The conference in Utrecht, Netherlands, brings together University Women from all over Europe in a wonderful and inspiring environment.

The Conference theme is The Art of Networking – Skills, Styles and Values.  We aim to focus on how to create opportunities and support systems for women among women and men and to find ways to cooperate with other networks. These qualities, skills and values are vital and essential to empower women and girls, as job opportunities and public opinion on parity can be strongly influenced via networking mechanisms. How do we use those mechanisms to the advantage of women and girls? How do we create an atmosphere of support and learning among women starting in our own NFA’s? Those questions and more you will be able to discuss at the UWE Conference 2015 in Utrecht.
We are looking forward to meeting you to exchange ideas and create energy and commitment!
The conference is open to all members of the University Women of Europe and their friends.

More details you will find in the Invitation UWE 2015.definitive. If you would like to join send an email to to register. Early bird registrations are untill 15th of July.