Kersti Kaljulaid

First female President in Estonia

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The University of Tartu

Edith Lommerse, President of University Women of Europe, will participate to the International conference of the university women of the Nordic-Baltic countries “Academic women through time and changes: national and international cooperation” to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Estonian Association of University Women on 8 th October, Tartu.

Participants from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania and Russia are expected to come and meet with current and former members of the association. Here you can read the entire programme.

We wish them a successful conference and looking forward to hear more about the activities of EAUW in Tallinn.

Photograph: Valda Kalnina/EPA

Until then, news coming from Estonia is encouraging for women leaders, the Parliament has selected a new president who will be the country’s first female leader.

Kersti Kaljulaid, 46, accountant, wins unanimous vote:  81-0, with 20 members absent or abstaining.

The choice of Kaljulaid, who works at the European court of auditors, became possible after the six parliamentary parties agreed to propose a political outsider as a single candidate.

Her election came after the failure of an electoral college to choose a president from five candidates last month. Politicians were unable to pick a president from four candidates in August, according to the Guardian.