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Report UWE Annual General Meeting Winchester

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The next day after Brexit, we met in England’s ancient capital for an inspiring conference about encouraging women into leadership roles

“What an enjoyable conference!” someone commented on facebook. To be sure, everybody had a great time! Even now resounds in my mind the rendition of the song over 70 people sung in chorus at the end of the Gala Dinner:

Winchester Cathedral                                                       We’ve come from Europe

Your church of renown                                                      To meet all our friends.

You stood and you wa-tched                                            We’re earnestly talking

As we came to town…                                                        Until the day ends.”

Thank you all for being a part of it,  this couldn’t have been possible without you.  Special thanks and congratulations to our host: Sue Ouvry and the organizing team from The Winchester LA,  for contributing to the success of the conference and their generous support.

Because “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I invite you to watch this short movie I made, some moments to remember, a pictures gallery also,  enjoy!

As usual, the last day we had Annual General Meeting, we were delighted with the presence of Germany and the Netherlands, although they resigned from GWI.  A new Treasurer was elected.  The key point of our meeting was the discussion about how to adapt the constitution and spontaneously an interactive dialogue was initiated on how can UWE stays a regional group of GWI and still keeps its seat in the INGO conference representing European women graduated?.  We kept calm… and voted an emergency clause, please see here the Minutes AGM 2016 . Click on the links to see the reports, invitation to next UWE Conference in Graz, Austria and other documents presented.

In the end, feel free to fill this evaluation form and express your feelings, we really need your feedback to help us improve organizing the next conference. Thank you!


For the board,

many regards,

Roxana Elena Petrescu
Secretary General