Virtual Annual General Meeting 2021

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UWE AGM @ zoom / September 19, 2020

The AGM is going to be conducted virtually on the 12th of September, 10 – 14 CEST (Britain and Ireland -1 hr, Baltic countries, Finland and Romania +1 hr) via zoom, online registration is open until 72 hours before the event here at this link: ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM UWE AGM 2021.

  • The number of participants is limited to 100 people, only one voting person/each NFA, the CER or a delegate, in case the CER cannot attend, the other participants can attend as observers on mute. Only the members that have paid their dues will be allowed to vote. Please it’s very important to sent the nominations of your voting CER/delegates , new deadline: no later than September, 10!

Our meeting will be around three hours, following this proposed AGENDA:

9:45-10:00 Testing the connection


Welcome – President Anne Negre 

Practical information and Electronic Voting Protocol  – Secretary General Roxana E. Petrescu


  1.   Adoption Agenda
  2.   Minutes Report AGM 2020

10:15 – 10:45

  1.    Reports 
  • President Report by Anne Negre
  • VP’s Reports by Aisha Alshawalf, Pina Foti
  • Financial statement 2020, Budget 2022 and proposal dues 2022,the
  • Balance sheet by Treasurer Annelies Pierrot – Bults

10:45 – 11:15

  1. Elections of the two Vice presidents
  • Presentations of the Candidates (5 minutes each)
  • Q &A (10 minutes)

11:15– 11:30 Short Break: Electronic voting and a surprise programme prepared by the Finish Federation of Graduate Women 

11:30– 12:30

  1. Annual Reports of the NFAs  (5 minutes each)

12:30– 12:40

  1. Presentation of the new NFAs (5 minutes each)

12:40– 12:45

  1. Proposal Next Conference & AGM 2022 

12:45– 12:50

  1. Presentation Next UWE Meet & Greet 

12:50 – 12:55

  1. Reflections on the future of UWE 

12:55 – 13:00

10. Any other business

Some of you have registered so far and sent us the annual reports, well done! We know that many of you probably have been on holidays, let us remind you the Board would be glad to receive the other annual reports, each NFA will have 5 minutes to present it live.

We will organize elections this year, the Board received four nominations. Only the voting delegates will receive by email the voting forms and they will have max. 15 minutes to fill it after we will make a quick test.  

Now we’re inviting all of you to read the annual reports prepared by President Anne Negre, Vice President Aisha Alshawaf and Vice President Giuseppina Foti.

We are looking forward for your questions, comments and feedback, no later than this Friday, two days before our virtual meeting! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the General Assembly and the elections: Thanks!