Swiss Federation of Graduate Women

Annual Report of the Swiss Federation of Graduate Women

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During 2019, our NFA has invested body and soul in planning and organizing the Triennial Meeting and Centenary Celebration of GWI in Geneva. The Swiss NFA managed that enormous event with pleasure, determination and courage. It was a heavy load of work, but the Conference was a big success. This report underlines that activity.

In 2019, one of our members, Mrs Verena Welti, was included in the brochure celebrating 100 years of IFUW: “Inspiring a Vision: Pioneers and Other Women“. Mrs Welti was very active in the Swiss National Association as well as internationally. She was the Coordinator for International Relations, then Vice-President in 2003, and finally she was President of the Swiss NFA from 2008-2014. She put a huge effort in promoting young women in their studies, especially in the STEM field. She was one of he promoters of DACH friendship-meetings (between Germany, Switzerland and Austria). Sadly, Verena Welti passed away this summer.

Other activities: our NFA has carried out conferences and events around many topics such as:

  • Education and Equality;
  • Women and their qualifications, encouraging them to highlight their skills;
  • Training offered to migrant women;
  • Action on Equal pay Day between men and women in business and professional areas;
  • Participation in the women’s strike in Switzerland on 14 June 2019.

My NFA can be proud of all the work we did last year.

On behalf of Schweiz Verband der Akademikerinnen (ASFDU):

Dr. Christine Botchi Morel/ CER