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Annual Report of the Swedish Association of Graduate Women

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Annual Meeting Stockholm 2019-03-13

The Swedish Association of Graduate Women (Kvinnliga Akademiekrs Förening, KAF) was founded in 1904 with the purpose of working for women’s rights both on the national as the international level. Today it consists of five independent departments: Stockholm, Uppsala, Western Sweden, Southern Sweden and Umeå (Northern Sweden). The National Association works as an umbrella organization for the departments.

The National Association is run by a board with the following constitution: Anne-Marie Morhed, President (Uppsala), Stina Johansson, Secretary (Uppsala), Anna Lewin, Treasurer (Southern Sweden), Johanna Sjöstedt (Western Sweden), Kaarina Wallin, (Stockholm)

Coop-member: Beatrice Christensen Sköld, CER; Auditor University Women of Europe

Due to a generous contribution from the Swedish Authority of Women’s Equality the Association has been able to support the work of the local departments as well as travel expenses for conferences in Geneva and Helsinki.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemia much of the planned work has been postponed. However, local meeting have taken place due to the use of Zoom. The board has also been using Zoom for its meetings. Another big task, a biography project has also been able to continue undisturbed. Six members work with the biography of Sweden’s first female medical doctor Karolina Widerström.

The departments in Uppsala an Western Sweden have been working on projects dealing with the anniversaries of their organisations.

The Association is in charge of two foundations with the purpose to give grants to female students and researchers living in Sweden.


On behalf of The Swedish Assocation of Graduate Women:

Beatrice Christensen Sköld / CER