University of Women Europe “Meet and Greet” in Amsterdam, successful and inspiring!

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A job well done team UWE! Excellent venue, brilliant setup and excellent execution of a successful UWE meet and greet in Amsterdam. Thoroughly enjoyed the full 4 days. Yes we went a day early to see what all the ‘background’ was about and I’m glad we did. Indeed it was  fantastic the warm welcome offered by Gerda with Edith,  Vera and Mary Josè 🙂 ElenaFlavia (Siracuse)

It is one of the many positive evaluations UWE received after two intensive days at the first UWE Meet and Greet in Amsterdam. Over 40 representatives of the branches of UWE from France, Romania, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland and  UK met for a two-day gathering aiming at exchanging information about joint actions at European level. Here an impression of the Meet and Greet.
It started with a welcoming reception hosted by the UWE president Edith Lommerse to celebrate Europe day as the UWE was founded with the specific purpose to encourage  European higher educated and university women to participate in the progressive development of European society. The “Meet and Greet” event was an opportunity to UWE members to get to know more about the work of the EWL and discuss possible collaboration in informal setting mixed with a social and cultural program.

Acting coordinator EWL  Pierette Pape: “It is important to meet and hear members directly. Thats why I am very happy I was invited.”


EWL Acting Coordinator Pierrette Pape was invited to present the work of the EWL (see PPT presentation), while the  Vice-Presidents of UWE explained the possible ways for UWE to be engaged at EU and Council of Europe levels.

UWE  members warmly applauded the EWL video clip on the impact of austerity on women. It is a great clip to watch and  use on a screening evening with members to increase awareness of the effects of austerity policies currently undertaken at the EU and many countries in Europe. Research shows it is women who suffer the most of these  policies and that’s also why it is so important to vote and underwrite the manifesto for The European Parliament Elections.

Uta Krope from Germany explains the approach and goals of the project in which six NFAs participate.


Amongst the different issues of interest for the members of UWE, violence against women experienced by educated women is a concern which led UWE to decide to develop a two-year project in order to map and raise awareness on the scale of domestic violence faced by educated women in Europe. Some members also mentioned the situation of migrant skilled women. Contact person Uta Krope explained the approach which aims at learning together with an elaborate powerpoint which has lots of links to interesting information of the diverse approaches. Next learning conference is in Bucharest Romania from 5-8 June. More info see: U-DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MET BY EDUCATED WOMEN-1



After the presentations the group discussed themes for UWE to be proposed at the BUcharest Conference 5-7 september after a proposal from the UWE board four themes were seen as potentially good themes to put into practice for the UWE as a whole.

  1. Support  implementation of EVAW and raise awareness
  2. Training Gender Sensitive approach to society
  3. Women  in decision making (in boards and at educational institutions)
  4. Cooperation and communication (internal and external)

Along the four themes several working groups formed which will be presented in a different article. Besides in-depth discussion on the implementation of women’s rights, UWE members had the chance to do an architectural tour of the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam, Dutch honorary member Angeline Joordens took care of two tours in the pouring rain as there were so many members interested. Thank you Angeline!

President Dutch University Women Anneke van Doorne (left) and UWE President are looking back on an excellent and animated conference although the pouring rain made the guided tor qute a challenge!
President Dutch University Women Anneke van Doorne (left) and University Women EUROPE President Edith Lommerse, are looking back on an excellent and animated conference although the pouring rain made the guided tor quite a challenge!


In the evening several local presidents came to meet the UWE representatives at the reception hosted by the Amsterdam Branch of the Dutch VVAO. President Rosy van der Vlies explained the importance of meeting and working together thanking UWE President Edith Lommerse for this opportunity to contribute:”I gladly volunteered after she twisted my arm”.  After a lively dinner where still more Dutch members appeared it was late when the day was ended with a warm applause for the organisation.

Next day a smaller group was instructed by Uta Krope on new ways of cooperating and disseminating information by Uta Krope. She showed several new and more practical ways of cooperating digitally and made it abundantly clear that emailing with attachments is old fashioned and not very effective.  She is always happy to assist and provided an interesting PP with useful tips and tricks. Uta Krope:”If you have seen the instruction once you will know what is is about and after three times watching a video instruction on Youtube ánd trying, you will be able to do it! ”  More info see web-2-introduction-amsterdam version for blog. Thank you Uta!


While the rain was pouring down the group went to the North of Holland to visit a Chrysanthemum farm Dekker which provides 30 percent of the Chrysanthemums of the world. Mister Erik Floris was so kind as to inform us extensively of the growing process and the different types of flowers.

Visit to Dekker Chrysanthemums in Hensbroek

Find another story on the Meet and Greet on the website of the EWL:


Great evening meeting women from all over the world

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The Turkish federation TAUW organized ths evening the 18th of august a Turkish evening for the 500 participants of the IFUW congress. Wonderful location nice music beautiful dances and ofcourse greatvfood. Personally I loved the dancing and was happy I dared to join in dancing with a lovely Italian girl!

Japanese IFUW Member and Italian IFUW Member take the floor on the Turkish Night.

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IFUW Conference in Istanbul: UWE regional meeting sunday 18th august

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The Turkish Association of University Women is honoured to invite you to the 31st IFUW Conference to be held from August 16th to the 21st, 2013,in Istanbul, Turkey. Members of the Turkish Association of University Women are looking forward to hosting you and to making your stay pleasant and enjoyable. The Congress will be held in Kadir Has University Convention Center. The topic of the Conference is ”WOMEN’S ROLE in ACHİEVİNG SUSTAINABLE FUTURE; education, urbanisation,violence, human rights”. The congress center offers convenient facilities, allowing you to select your favorite topics among the parallel sessions, visit the exhibitions and find space for networking with your peers. Let’s get together in Istanbul where East meets West, to share our experiences, to start new friendships, and to work together on ideas on how to make a meaningful difference in the lives of less fortunate women. Together we can build the roadmap of IFUW for the future.

Istanbul, once upon a time the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire and later the capital city of Byzantium, became finally capital of the Ottoman Empire after 1453. Istanbul is a magnificent place to visit: practically an open air museum, Istanbul carries the remnants
of her various historical inheritances, delighting history buffs and layman alike. Whether it is historical places of worship, palaces and fortresses, or world class museums – you can find it here. Istanbul is also home to some of the most breathtaking scenery and natural beauty – the Bosphorus Strait cuts through the city dividing Istanbul into Asia and Europe. A boat ride on the Bosphorus will expose a whole different side to the city and its architecture.

And whether you are into cultural paraphernalia or just in need of a wardrobe make-over, Istanbul will have you covered on the shopping side too.
This big mysterious city has something to offer to everyone. On behalf of the Local Organising Committee, we welcome you to Istanbul and we look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Please stay tuned as we roll out more details about the 2013 IFUW conference in Istanbul.

The UWE meeting is on the 18th of August during lunchtime, 12.30 till 14.40. As the available time is short we will have a limited agenda.

Nazan Moroglu-President of Turkish Association of University Women
Nezihe Bilhan-LAC Chair-Vice President of TAUW