More info on UWE

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Do you know you that on http://www.uweboard.wordpress.com you can find more information about UWE and the contact persons of the NFAs?

And if have any information you wish to share with other UWE members,  please send a mail to universitywomeneurope@gmail.com. Feel free to share the adress of the website and the option to subscribe to the website to get regular updates with anyone who might be interested,

Please Check Contact Information

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 We are currently updating the UWE website and ask your cooperation and attention, please send an email to universitywomeneurope@gmail.com.

1 Could you check the names and details of the Cer’s as presented on the page of the Executive Board and Cer’s (see top bar right side).

2 Also we would like to have the link to the website of each NFA and the date of your AGM in 2013 and 2014.

For the Board,

Edith Lommerse