NFA reports 2013

Ireland: an active and full program presented by the CER Maire O’Connell.  A summary is to be found in this PP: IrFUW_OConnell-Maire_2014-09_1

A full report and new ideas on recruiting young members in the full report. IrFUW_Report on activities_2013-14


Italy the annual meeting is on 21- 22 October 2014. Also a proposal for working towards more women in leadership positions. Italy, FILDIS, Bucharest Sept 2014


  • Westminster Seminar at House of Lords was based on IFUW Resolution 7 ‘Right to Safe Access to Education for all Girls and Women’. An Afghan undergraduate will follow postgraduate studies at University of Chester.
  • Members visited Strasbourg for presentations and guided tours around European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe and European Parliament.
  • Members attended the first ‘Meet and Greet’ in Amsterdam.
  • At the National Conference and AGM at University of Swansea FOUR Resolutions were debated and carried:
    • Representation of both men and women on all UN peace-making delegations.
    • Support of Government’s progress towards permitting new techniques preventing serious mitochondrial diseases.
    • Support of Government’s stance at the UN on Gender and Sustainable Development Goals in the post-2015 Development Agenda.
    • Government to make sure suspected instances of forced marriage are investigated and where necessary prosecuted.
  • CERUWEREPORT A positive recruitment drive is underway to attract young graduates.

Heather Hawkes,CER/UWE Representative

France: AFFDU is in the process of revising its statutes, in line with GWI statutes, and also is in the process of evolving into a modernized organization.
Brief French NFA AFFDU report at UWE AGM, Utrecht, 28/8/2015


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