UWE Conference Utrecht 2015

General information

Agenda UWE AGM 2014-signed

pp concept actieplan 2015-2018

Invitation UWE 2015 update

Call for Jans Gremmée Award 2015

On the agenda of the UWE AGM

1. revised minutes Bucharest 7 September 2015

2. proposals:

a. PRIZE Cultural Heritage 2015ros

b. Format Odyssey 2015ros

3. reports:

Report UWE VP Isabelle TRIMAILLE AGM Utrecht 2015

Financial UWE balofshe 14 and budgets15-16

financial 2014
Letter concerning the auditing of the finances

UWE DUES 2015, list of pay 20.7. and votes


Secretary General: the proposal is to make the SG into a duo post. One person directed towards PR and one person for the more legal and adminsitrative activities:
Letter of Recommendation AFU
a. PR: motivation letter Roxana , CVRoxana Petrescu engl
b. L
egal and admininistrative: CV_EUROPASS.EDK.2015 Elena Dingu-Kyrkland
Elena Digu-K. Motivation letter UWE.EDK (1)
Publications list-EDK (1)

Candidate Treasurer: we have two candidates:

1. Finland:

2. Romania: CV Victoria
Letter of Recommendation AFU

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