Reflection on EWL GA Brussels 7-9 June

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Board members EWL and Aisha Alshawaf, Observer

Two of our board members attended the General Assembly for the European Women’s Lobby in Brussels 7-8 June:  Annelies Pierrot – Bults, executive member of the assembly, Treasurer  and Aisha Alshawaf as an Observer.

The theme was making Europe work for women, EWL envisions a society in which women’s contribution to all aspects of life is recognized, rewarded and celebrated .
We had an interesting, stimulating and productive agenda dealing with strategic review emphasizing gender equality in EU manifesto and Gender equality in trade policy .
Our time during those days contributed to Alliances with other organisations to influence change we defiantly have shared strategy with like minded organisation cross the board from European countries. A time well spent and will bring positive energy to UWE, hopefully you will join us in Geneva and get more details from Annelies on her work with EWL economic working group.

European Women’s Forum

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European Women’s Forum is a dynamic five days of feminist activities. The events of the week, from EWL General Assembly to the public street event “Loud and united to end violence against women and girls” , will be a chance to come together and celebrate the success of the European’s Women’s Movement. 


General Assembly agenda and documents 

This year all documents for EWL General Assembly will ONLY be available through EWL members’ forum, the Living Room (and not sent as attachments). The draft agenda, the applications for EWL candidate Board Members, all the documents for the GA  are available on the agenda page, except for the 2017 Emergency Motions paper which will be made available this week.

Public event and street action “Loud and United” on 8 June, followed by EWL members’ dinner


This year, the European Women’s Lobby is marking the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the EWL Observatory on violence against women and girls (VAWG). The Observatory is a unique structure that brings together more than 30 experts, professionals, women’s rights defenders, and front-line NGOs activists, from all over Europe. On 11 May 2017, the EU publicly declared its intention to sign and ratify the Istanbul Convention, the first legally binding treaty in Europe that criminalises different forms of violence against women. With this declaration, the EU sends the world a message about its commitment to fighting the violation of women’s rights.

On 8 June, EWL wants to give visibility from Belgium and around Europe to their tireless work and achievements at the forefront of the fight against VAWG.

A conference with the EWL Observatory on violence against women and girls and globally recognised feminist activist, Gloria Steinem, takes place on 8 June from 14.00 to 16.30, followed by a street demonstration starting at 17:00, Mont des Arts, Place de l’Albertine, 1000 Brussels (Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1967859493432979/)

All the information you need about the event including the agenda is also available for EWL members on the Living Room: https://womenlobbyforum.org/ viewtopic.php?f=57&t=93  

After the demonstration, EWL Members are then getting together with Gloria Steinem for dinner at Brasserie de la Presse from 18.30. 

Find the full agenda and other information on EWL website: www.womenlobby.org/Gloria-Steinem-in-Brussels-8-June-2017

Other updates

 You might want to sign and share with your networks a call on to a CSO 6th scenario for the Future of Europe from the SDGWatch Europe and Friends of the Earth:

https://womenlobbyforum.org/ viewtopic.php?f=12&t=91 

EWL at CSW61

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Like every year, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) will take part to the 61st session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (13-24 March). EWL membership is very active during CSW61, organising side events and influencing the negotiations on the Conclusions which should be adopted by the UN member states at the end of the session.

This year’s priority theme is “Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work” and the emerging issue is ’The empowerment of Indigenous women”. Ahead of CSW61, the EWL had sent, together with its members, a joint statement highlighting the situation of women domestic workers. We have also made comments on the zero draft of the conclusions.

During CSW, the EWL is organising two events :

  • A side event co-organised with Belgium and Iceland, on “The Nordic Model on prostitution: a key step to ensure girls’ and young women’s economic empowerment”, on Wednesday 15 March, 8.15-9.30am, in conference room 8 of the UN.

  • A parallel event co-sponsored by NAWO Youth, Unizon, Wagggs, the European YWCA and Rights4Girls, on “#HerFuture: Challenges & opportunities for girls’ and young women’s economic empowerment”, on Wednesday 15 March, 2.30-4pm, at the Salvation Army (downstairs).

Other EWL members’ events:

EWL Secretariat members will also be speaking at:

EWL will take part to the EU-briefing, and will co-facilitate the meetings of the caucus for Europe and North America:

  • Wednesday 15 March, 6.15-7.45pm, Boss room Church Center
  • Monday 20 March, 6.15-7.45pm, 2nd floor Church Center

The list of NGO events is here. The list of official side events is here.

Take action on social media for 1 Billion Rising

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banner_-_for_members_messages_2-6c550On Tuesday 14 February, University Women of Europe together with the European Women Lobby (EWL) and other members from all over Europe will be rising to say no to the sexual exploitation of women and girls !

The 5th edition of One Billion Rising will be an opportunity to express our demands to see a world free from sexual exploitation and prostitution, from male violence and oppression. We will rise everywhere, through different actions: dance, demonstration, events… The EWL will launch a social media action, with strong messages on home-made visuals!! A way to celebrate women’s creativity, strength solidarity and togetherness!

EWL social media messages are based on visuals created by EWL staff members during an artistic workshop held in Brussels. Please download them below and share them on facebook on Tuesday 14 February, using the hashtags #1BillionRising, #RiseInSolidarity, #EndDemand, #ListenToSurvivors, #Youth4Abolition, #StopSexualExploitation.

Please share them with your members, so that they can use them too. Some are in French too, regardez bien! You have a lot of choice, between different messages, colours, visuals, creativity!

Please let us know what you plan to do for One Billion Rising: send us some photos, some webpages links, some description. We need to inform V-Day of the European mobilization, and show how we take action to end the sexual exploitation of women & girls!

Download and use the following visuals!

As you can see, some have free space for you to add your messages and/or logo.
Some have the logo of the Brussels’ Call, the European coalition campaigning for the Nordic Model on prostitution. So use the visuals according to what best suits you, whether or not you are a member of the Brussels’ Call and/or Youth4Abolition, whether you prefer to create your own messages. Some are in French too!

PNG - 759.1 kb
PNG - 578.8 kb
PNG - 746.6 kb
PNG - 752 kb
PNG - 757.6 kb
PNG - 747.6 kb
PNG - 752.6 kb
PNG - 736.7 kb
PNG - 601.6 kb
PNG - 415.1 kb
PNG - 395.1 kb
PNG - 435.3 kb
PNG - 402.8 kb
PNG - 430.1 kb
PNG - 603.5 kb
PNG - 617.2 kb
PNG - 747 kb
PNG - 616.5 kb
PNG - 617 kb
PNG - 737.3 kb
PNG - 592.6 kb
PNG - 753.4 kb
PNG - 623.3 kb
PNG - 615.7 kb
PNG - 622.6 kb

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Message from members of European Women’s Lobby (EWL) national coordination in Turkey:

EWL members and partners in solidarity with women organisations in Turkey

The situation in Turkey is getting worse. Recently 11 MP’s/leaders of the Kurdish Party (HDP) were arrested, the Democratic Party of the Peoples (HDP) announced the suspension of parliamentary activities on behalf of their party. The state of emergency continues and every day there is another statutory decree which bypasses the constitution. The societal polarization is huge.

The Women’s Coalition in Turkey (an independent women’s platform which is very closely linked to the EWL Coordination for Turkey), recently made this statement and calls for solidarity for all the women in Turkey.


Women’s Coalition – Turkey: WE ARE HERE! It is high time for Coalition. All and every single one of us are under attack. There is an attempt to convert us into a huge colorless and shapeless crowd. They will not succeed! We are here with all the hope and conviction we have. We stand up for each other. We stand up for our future, for hope, for equality and for democracy.”

Website: http://kadinkoalisyonu.org/kadin-koalisyonu-buradayiz/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KadinKoalisyonu/

Twitter: @KadinKoalisyonu

University Women of Europe together with EWL strongly supports the Women’s Coalition and calls on all its members and friends to do so. We will follow up the situation closely.

#burayadaz #urfutureWIDE+ UN Women


Call for experts EWL Observatory on violence against women

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New EWL Board at the AGM 2016, Brussels

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AGM EWLMany EWL members, women’s rights activists from all over Europe, gathered for the EWL Annual General Meeting 2016, during the weekend in Brussels. They talked about the feminist future, austerity, money, gender budgeting, power, work & care and how this all fits into a broad feminist economic model and a gender equal society. UWE was represented by Vicepresident Isabelle Trimaille and  Annelise Pierrot – Bults.

new board 1
Joanna Maycock, Elvy Svennerstal, Juhász Borbála, Senator Alice-Mary Higgins, Alice Mary Higgins, Edith Schratzberger-Vecsei, Laura Albu and Annelies Pierrot-Bults

All country candidates were elected, here you can find  LIST OF CANDIDATES TO THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION 2016-2018 in each country, if you wish to get in contact. Very proud to see Annelise Pierrot – Bults who’s also willing to be UWE Treasurer in the new board of administration & executive committee 2016-2018.

Congratulations to all of them and keep up the good work at EWL!