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Questionnaire – Kit against sexism

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The Gender Equality Commission of the Council of Europe (GEC) helps to ensure gender equality mainstreaming in all policies of the 47 member States. The Committee of Ministers has asked the GEC to prepare a draft recommendation to combat sexism. The final objective is to fight sexism in order to have more equality, less violence, less hate speech and cybercrime etc., in the different member states. As representative of the Conference of INGOs, Anne Negre have been invited to participate in the drafting committee of the draft recommendation. The drafting committee would like to have your opinion on this issue and I invite you to answer the following questions to strengthen our impact in the elaboration of this document:

  • What areas do you consider should be covered by a Council of Europe recommendation to prevent and combat sexism?
  • Who should be the target groups included in such a recommendation?
  • What type of measures would you suggest to be included?
  • Could you please highlight good practices in this area?
  • Do you have other points?

Please find enclosed links to two documents on the subject. You will also find here an interesting « Kit against sexism »that could be useful in your INGO:

Please feel free to forward these questions to other INGOs or NGOs. The deadline for replies is 1 June 2017.







Council of Europe – Gender Equality Factsheets

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The Council of Europe has produced concise factsheets on its key areas of activity to promote gender equality. The factsheets aim to provide useful information and definitions on each issue, as well as references to relevant activities, standards and mechanisms of the Council of Europe in each area. Council of Europe Key Standards on Gender Equality

· between women and men
·  Combatting Sexist Hate Speech




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Almost 50 candidates MEPs for the 2014 European elections endorse the EWL Manifesto! Get your candidate to endorse too!
Almost 50 candidates MEPs for the 2014 European elections endorse the EWL Manifesto! Get your candidate to endorse too!You will find here the list of MEPs who have already endorsed EWL Manifesto. Let’s get much more until the European elections! Thanks for your support! As the European Parliament elections are getting closer, we need to make sure that women’s rights and gender equality will be at the core of the policies and work of the new European institutions. Let’s join forces to contact all candidates and make sure that they support the Manifesto of the European Women’s Lobby “Act now for her future, commit to gender equality!“.The more candidates support EWL Manifesto, the more gender equality will be taken into account both in the European elections discussion, and in the new European institutions. Getting many supporters is therefore important at all levels: it will help you to address women’s rights at local and national level, and it will help all of us to push for a Europe that promotes gender equality.You can use the template message below to contact them, and please inform us of their answer! You can also send twitter messages to your candidates, using this template:@xxx Ready to commit to #genderequality? Listen to #EuropeanWomensVoice and say YES to our #EP2014 Manifesto! @EuropeanWomenDear xxx,In a month, women and men from all over Europe will vote for new European institutions. We turn to you to ask you to listen to the voices of women’s organisations: do you want a Europe which fosters gender equality and promotes and protects women’s and girls’ rights? Last month, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the European Women’s Lobby unveiled its Manifesto for the European elections “Act now for her future, commit to gender equality!“, which comprises concrete and realistic demands for a Europe realising gender equality and supporting women’s human rights (see the Manifesto attached). These demands are based on the reality of women’s lives, as experienced by our members and all the women and girls that our member organisations are supporting and assisting every day in all parts of Europe.

Will you be the champion of gender equality and endorse EWL Manifesto “Act now for her future, commit to gender equality!”? Realising equality between women and men is crucial at all levels, from the local to the European. We hope that you will show your commitment and endorse EWL Manifesto.

On behalf of the millions of women and men in Europe, who believe in gender equality as a tool for social justice, solidarity and dignity, we thank you for your attention, and hope to read your answer soon.

Best regards,