Anne Negre – UWE President Candidate

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UWE Board is pleased to inform you that the AFFDU and the members of the bureau support with great pleasure the candidature of Anne Nègre to the post of President of GEFDU / UWE.

Here you can read her biography and motivation letter and the letter of recommendation received from AFFDU together with her acceptance.

Anne is doing a great job for UWE on the European Social Charter and will give a speech about Equal Pay and the collective complaints at our Conference in Rome.  She is the only candidate for the President and will be invited to present herself  to be elected at the Annual General Meeting in Rome.





Gender Pay Gap Costs the Global Economy $160tn, Says World Bank Study

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Equal pay, equal hours and equal participation in the workforce could lead to a global wealth jump of $23,620 a person, as well as creating knock-on benefits such as lower malnutrition and child mortality rates, said the report. Using data from 141 countries, economists analysed the potential skills, education, training and future worth of each person in the workforce, then compared those so-called “lifetime earnings” to generate estimated global losses……..



Direct Link to Full 28-Page 2018 World Bank Report:


Reaction EU on our Collective Complaints For Equal Pay

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englezaThe Collective Complaints Procedure the UWE has started at the COE against Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia and Sweden for Equal Pay is well on its way; We received an 8 page letter from the EU. It started with a summary of our complaints and then goes into the background of the treaties and legalities. Interesting to read but most of all, almost all the governments have answered to our questions. The answers are not all ready in English but can be found on the website of . Well done Anne Nègre.
Complete letter Ares 2739222 University Women of Europe[1]
:  advice HR Commission Netherlands

Summary Complaint The University Women of Europe lodged a complaint against fifteen countries that have accepted that the collective complaint is lodged against them. The collective complaint, consisting of fifteen individual complaints, refers to the following topics: 

1. Lack of appropriate measures to achieve equal pay for equal work 

o absence of gender mainstreaming 

o ineffective employment equality policy 

o ineffective protection against discrimination 

o the measures implemented do not concern small enterprises 

o non-requirement to establish classification systems 

2. Lack of effectiveness of Equality Ombudsman and Labour Inspectorates 

o which (public) authorities are competent to handle complaints? 

o which bodies/persons in companies are responsible to handle complaints? 

3. Lack of evaluation of gender equality actions, including absence of reliable statistical data 

4. Structural deficiencies 

5. Gender biased norms and stereotypes 

6. Lack of assessment of impact of uptake of parental leave on the pay gap 

7. Under-representation of women in decision-making 

8. Non-application of certain legislation to management boards. 

The University Women of Europe finds the same problems invariably in relation to all countries under examination. Only some details differ, for example when it comes to the availability of statistics on gender pay gap for each particular State. Apart from such details, the University Women of Europe identified the problems of the same nature in all 

 Ref. Ares(2018)2739222 – 28/05/2018 2 

the countries against which the complaint is lodged. The University of Europe concludes that the countries in question are in violation of certain articles of the Social Charter and the subsequent related texts1. 

The European Commission has no competence to give an opinion on possible violations of the Council of Europe’s Social Charter. It will therefore limit itself to highlighting the European Union’s legal framework and policy actions of relevance to the matters raised in the complaints. 

at the end of the letter
The equal pay issues may raise complex legal questions, as demonstrated by the rich case law before the ECJ on the notion of “pay”, the concept of ‘equal work’ and ‘work of equal value’13. 

– For more information, see the report “The enforcement of the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value. A legal analysis of the situation in the EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway” written by the European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination; 

One of the elements important for assessing the complaints in question is to correctly assess the notion of “pay”14. The CJEU, in particular during the 1990s, has interpreted broadly the scope of the notion of ‘pay’. Pay includes not only basic pay, but also, for example, overtime supplements, special bonuses paid by the employer, travel allowances, compensation for attending training courses and training facilities, termination payments in the case of dismissal and occupational pensions. 

Another batch of cases delves into the concepts of ‘equal work’ and ‘work of equal value.15In those cases, the potential comparison of jobs is the central problem and judgments focus on finding an accurate comparator. Questions that have arisen in that perspective concern, for example, the possibility to compare with a similar or even the same job with another employer, with previous employees doing the same job and with employees doing a job of lower value. In addition, the use of statistics is an issue that has come to the surface in a number of CJEU cases. 

It is also important to emphases that the principle of equal pay for men and women for equal work and work of equal value enshrined in the EU legal provisions and the case law of the CJEU interpreting them, does not guarantee the absence of a gender pay gap. This is because the causes of the gender pay gap are multiple, as explained in the previously mentioned EU Gender Pay Gap Action Plan 2017-2019. These causes include of course pay discrimination, but also sectorial and vertical segregation, stereotypes about whether men and women should be on the labour market or at home and inadequate work-life balances policies. 8 

The Commission believes that the information presented in this reply might shed more light on the current situation in the European Union and its Member States as regards different aspects of gender equality and, in particular, pay equality and gender pay gap. The complexity of the issues in question and the numerous elements that, in the end, lead to the gender pay gap can be seen from many different angles, from the sociological to economical and legal. Therefore, it is necessary to take all of these into account. 


Annual General Meeting Draft Agenda – Rome, 23rd of June 2018

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09.00 – 09.30 am Registration *To be able to vote at the AGM either the known CER or a delegate with a proxy from the NFA must present themselves as such at the registration desk on the day of the AGM. Only NFA’s that have paid their dues on the 15th of August will be allowed to vote.
09.30 – 11.00 am  
Welcome – Edith Lommerse President UWE
Presentation and update Collective Complaint on the Pay Gap
• 11.00 -11.20 am Coffee break 
We will also use this as a moment to get more info on the main subjects and themes of NGAs.
11.20 -13.20 am Sharing reports NFA’s: please use the UWE ppt draft report as we will have a “inspiration Market”.
Presentation Candidates President – Anne Nègre from France (papers will be posted later)

13.20 am lunch – voting 
14.20 -16.00 am – second formal part AGM

  1. Adoption agenda

  1. Minutes AGM 2017

  1. Jans Gremmée award – Call for candidates Jans Gremée award

    A. Vice Presidents
    B Financial statement 2017, budget and fee 2019 (papers will be posted later)
    We propose to keep the same membership fee per capita – 1 eur.
    C. overall report by the President

  1. Memorandum  of understanding (draft)

  2. Call  Next AGM 2020  as next year the celebration of 100 years GWI will be celebrated in Geneve
    Call for Meet and Greet 2019

  3. Result elections

  4. Any other business

  5. 16.00 End of meeting
    Thank you President Edith Lommerse

    – intermezzo invitation GWI half hour presentation and sharing ideas 100 years GWI and UWE AGM 2019 -Geneva, Switzerland

Call to host UWE AGM 2020 and Meet and Greet 2019

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The UWE Board is pleased to invite applications from NFA’s interested in hosting the UWE Conference in 2020. As you probably know, Graduated Women International is organizing next year a 33rd Triennal and Centenary Celebration in Geneva on 25-28 July and we encourage you to attend this important event.

The host NFA will be assisted by the Board in relation to the Conference programme. Applications, including a short proposal in PowerPoint, for presentation at the UWE Conference in Rome 2018 should be made to to arrive 11th of June at the latest. There is ample material to use for organizing the Conference and the UWE Board will assist with the theme, PR and programming. The AGM is usually held around the end of August.

Call to Host Possible Meet and Greet 2019

The concept of a Meet and Greet originates from a try out in Amsterdam: UWE Meet and Greet Amsterdam 2014 followed up with a successful event in London : UWE Meet and Greet London 2015 . It was judged to be very worthwhile, productive and informative, as well as being an opportunity for members from different NFA’s to meet, exchange views, form friendships and learn from each other. As the cost for attending should be low it is an opportunity for members of your NFA to be introduced to the international work of UWE.
A Meet and Greet 2019, again taking place possible around Europe Day (9 May 2018), would further inform both existing and potential members in an informal setting, would give further focus to UWE and strengthen the ties already made.

Applications are therefore requested from NFA’s who would be interested in hosting a Meet and Greet weekend the latest by the end of May 2019. The host NFA would be assisted by the Board in regard to themes and presentations for the day. A Meet and Greet is a kind of friendship tour combined with introductions and updates on the international work of UWE in the EWL and the INGO conference of the Council of Europe.

UWE Award Invitation and Jans Gremée Award

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The UWE BOARD invites you to participate at the “1st UWE Association Awards during the UWE Conference in Rome. This prize will reward a successful Women’s Association whose determination has to serve as a model for all the UWE partners, the award presentations will be made at the Gala Dinner on June 23rd 2018, more information and criteria of application here: UWE AWARD INVITATION

To be sent before the June11 th 2018 to:

The UWE Board and the JGA Committee call for candidates for the  Jans Gremée Award 2017. Nominations should be entered before the 11th of June 2018, including a motivation letter  maximum 400 words, a color picture of the candidate and CV.

The Jans Gremée Award was proposed by the Dutch NFA to encourage and compliment women for their work for a peaceful Europe and a better position for women and girls. Candidates can be proposed by any NFA.

Please let us know ultimately 11th of June 2017 at

More information and criteria of nomination here: Call for candidates Jans Gremée award

confirm your subscription to UWE Conference

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Administrative message:

Those of you who have subscribed will probably also have paid the fee. Most did anyway. If not do so quickly.
We know there was some misunderstanding about the account but that is solved now.
So now everybody the organization  have on their list,  will get an email in the next few days confirming  for what they have your name down for and to ask you to pay the last part of what is due.  As the travel agency needs the money for the hotel to be sure we will use the rooms, we need to pay the full amount of the hotel nights now.

Should there be any difficulties transferring money please make the organization aware.
If you haven’t heard from by 23 of May please write to and cc us  ( to make sure we have the names and details correct. If you have not booked a tour yet… do so quickly, 

Thank you! Rome UWE Conference 2018 June 21-24