Call to host UWE AGM 2020 and Meet and Greet 2019

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The UWE Board is pleased to invite applications from NFA’s interested in hosting the UWE Conference in 2020. As you probably know, Graduated Women International is organizing next year a 33rd Triennal and Centenary Celebration in Geneva on 25-28 July and we encourage you to attend this important event.

The host NFA will be assisted by the Board in relation to the Conference programme. Applications, including a short proposal in PowerPoint, for presentation at the UWE Conference in Rome 2018 should be made to to arrive 11th of June at the latest. There is ample material to use for organizing the Conference and the UWE Board will assist with the theme, PR and programming. The AGM is usually held around the end of August.

Call to Host Possible Meet and Greet 2019

The concept of a Meet and Greet originates from a try out in Amsterdam: UWE Meet and Greet Amsterdam 2014 followed up with a successful event in London : UWE Meet and Greet London 2015 . It was judged to be very worthwhile, productive and informative, as well as being an opportunity for members from different NFA’s to meet, exchange views, form friendships and learn from each other. As the cost for attending should be low it is an opportunity for members of your NFA to be introduced to the international work of UWE.
A Meet and Greet 2019, again taking place possible around Europe Day (9 May 2018), would further inform both existing and potential members in an informal setting, would give further focus to UWE and strengthen the ties already made.

Applications are therefore requested from NFA’s who would be interested in hosting a Meet and Greet weekend the latest by the end of May 2019. The host NFA would be assisted by the Board in regard to themes and presentations for the day. A Meet and Greet is a kind of friendship tour combined with introductions and updates on the international work of UWE in the EWL and the INGO conference of the Council of Europe.


UWE Award Invitation and Jans Gremée Award

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The UWE BOARD invites you to participate at the “1st UWE Association Awards during the UWE Conference in Rome. This prize will reward a successful Women’s Association whose determination has to serve as a model for all the UWE partners, the award presentations will be made at the Gala Dinner on June 23rd 2018, more information and criteria of application here: UWE AWARD INVITATION

To be sent before the June11 th 2018 to:

The UWE Board and the JGA Committee call for candidates for the  Jans Gremée Award 2017. Nominations should be entered before the 11th of June 2018, including a motivation letter  maximum 400 words, a color picture of the candidate and CV.

The Jans Gremée Award was proposed by the Dutch NFA to encourage and compliment women for their work for a peaceful Europe and a better position for women and girls. Candidates can be proposed by any NFA.

Please let us know ultimately 11th of June 2017 at

More information and criteria of nomination here: Call for candidates Jans Gremée award

confirm your subscription to UWE Conference

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Administrative message:

Those of you who have subscribed will probably also have paid the fee. Most did anyway. If not do so quickly.
We know there was some misunderstanding about the account but that is solved now.
So now everybody the organization  have on their list,  will get an email in the next few days confirming  for what they have your name down for and to ask you to pay the last part of what is due.  As the travel agency needs the money for the hotel to be sure we will use the rooms, we need to pay the full amount of the hotel nights now.

Should there be any difficulties transferring money please make the organization aware.
If you haven’t heard from by 23 of May please write to and cc us  ( to make sure we have the names and details correct. If you have not booked a tour yet… do so quickly, 

Thank you! Rome UWE Conference 2018 June 21-24

Letter President: Candidates for UWE

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Dear all, 

The call for candidates for the UWE Board has gone online. As you may know I have now been your president for almost 6 years. I am hoping for strong candidates. Call for Candidates UWE Board There is still time until the 24th of May.  So if you feel you have the time and the energy put your name forward as a candidate. 
It is time for someone else to bring UWE forward and time for me to reminiscence on the past six years. 

Looking back
The start wasn’t easy. After the pleasure of being elected the work starts as many of you who have been in a board know. We are a voluntary association and an international one at that. To grow, to work together in an international board is a challenge  but luckily nowadays we have the digital means of communicating. So we started a new website when the old one was not supported anymore, we wrote newsletters, propsosals, plans and of course organized meetings. I remember with fondness the meetings  in Istanbul, Bucharest, Amsterdam, London, Utrecht and Graz. 

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Thank you for being there
I got to work closely with so many lovely, interesting and professional women I cannot even begin to mention names.  I learned so much about how things work differently in each country, how although being so close in Europe, each country has its own ways of doing things, and… that it is so easy to forget that it ithese differences are there.
I started out with a program and an interesting scheme of working groups and taks , as if we were a company. Well that didn’t work and I soon realized item work is more about the process and the building of relationships in UWE. 

On that note still we can pose the question: Have we gone forward, have we as a network grown? 

Yes,  I think so, we have grown although in most associations the membership has not been growing. Only recently Sweden decided to become a member of UWE and we are happy to tell you Israel has asked to become a full member after visiting us and meeting with us fr years. Last year at the AGM in Graz we voted on their status as observers. Now the board is meeting up with three lawyers in the Committee of Constitutional rome-2018Matters about how to propose this to the AGM in Rome. The reasons for the Iraeli association which has been a member of GWI for a long time to become a member of our group are understandable. For them to be a member of a regional group of GWI, the UWE is the most obvious choice. The African Union is not an option, the pacific is not etc.
I have come to get to know the members of the Israeli assisciation as strong, intelligent, persistent and wonderful to be with. They would be a good addition to our group and…  Yes we could say they are not Europe, yes we could say they are “just” associated with the Council of Europe and no we don’t want to be a competition for GWI. We should be inclusive and understanding. We would like to show compassion for a group of women that in all possible ways could be full members of UWE. Especially as our values are to be inclusive, to be generous and equal. We should welcome Israel… that is my personal position and I know that of the board. Hopefully it will come about – which I hope- we will see in Rome at the AGM.  

The financial situation is good so on the draft agenda which will be posted soon we will propose to continue the fee per capita of 1 Euro.


Thank you for supporting me and help me develop personally and of course  UWE.  

See you in Rome! Invitation to UWE Conference & AGM 2018

Edith Lommerse
President UWE


Call for Candidates UWE Board

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Call for candidates UWE Board

The UWE Board is pleased to invite applications from candidates interested in the position of President of the UWE.

Starting 24 of June 2018 the Board has two vacancies.

  1. President : as the current President dr. Edith Lommerse, has served two consecutive terms of three years. 
  2. Secretary General: Roxana Elena Petrescu, the current Secretary General,will stand for another term of three years.

The ideal candidate for UWE President should have evident affinity with the aims of UWE and GWI, has an antenna for trends in the field of UWE ‘s aims, a contemporary manager who has collected some experience in working within her national federation/association (NFA) or a similar organization. She is familiar with the European situation on Gender equality and is interested in lobby for equal opportunities in all aspects of society for women and men. She welcomes new ideas and has the capacity to asses them, enjoys traveling1 and is keen to work in an European team. Preferably, she does not have an official function within her own NFA to avoid conflict of interest.

Applications, consisting of a CV, photo and a motivational letter stating the candidate will accept the post should the AGM elect the candidate . The candidate is also required to present herself during 5 minutes at the UWE Conference in Rome, 21-24 June 2018.

Applications should be made to, to arrive thirty days before the AGM, i.e. by 24 th May 2018 at the latest.


  • Fluent in English (both written and orally) and preferably French and/or German as both the European Women’s Lobby and the Council in Europe is partly French spoken. 
  • Digitally able: e.g. Skype, WordPress, Facebook, etc. Collective governance adept 
  • Knowledge of the EU and Council of Europe
  • Should be prepared and count on a time investment of the 40 to 60 hours a month


The duties of the UWE President will be:

  • Coordinate the task division in the UWE Board
  • Prepare the Agenda for Board meetings and the Annual General Meetings in cooperation with the UWE Secretary General
  • Chair the General Meeting and the Board meetings
  • Represent the UWE for internal and external relations
  • Support the organization committee of the annual UWE event
  • Monitor the annual selection of the Jans Gremmée award
  • Keep in touch with the Steering Group European Projects

The specific duties of the Secretary General are:

  • Preparing the annual report of UWE, preparing the board meetings, AGM, agenda,


  • Ensuring the observation of democratic principles and procedures within UWE
  • Monitoring transparency and the rule of law within UWE;
  • Safeguarding the Constitution and ensuring the observation of by-laws and rules

within UWE;

  • Ensuring that due diligence is exercised in relation to all actions and projects;
  • Contribution to the President’s annual report with concrete verification of these

criteria, e.g. providing all records for inspection;

  • PR, writing and organizing news on the web site, Facebook , digital newsletter etc.

and general PR strategy and implementation

  • Should be prepared and count on a time investment of the 40 to 60 hours a month

For the Board,

Edith Lommerse


1The UWE gives a small remuneration which covers the travel costs in part. In practice a President of UWE spends approximately 1500 Euro per year additionally.

Last call for UWE Conference&AGM Registration

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We are less than two months away from our Conference and Annual General Meeting in Rome and almost fully booked. The Organizing Committee extended the early bird  until 30th of April, so few days left to plan to come to Rome. For those who haven’t pay the fee yet, although they registered and intend to come, try not to miss this opportunity.

Few rooms left at the hotel Cicerone next to our conference venue.

The conference is open to all members of the University Women of Europe and their friends.

Registration online here


You’ll find all the details about programme, payment, reservation and contact in the invitation here at this link:

Don’t hesitate to ask the Organizing Committee for more information and assistance here:


UWE Board is looking forward to meeting you in the beautiful city of Rome!







Info graphic Equality Now

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Too many governments have simply decided that a woman should have fewer rights than a man to pass on her citizenship to her children or her foreign spouse, or to acquire, change, or keep her nationality. This infographic shows how many governments have decided to give women fewer rights then men. infographic